Our Mission

Lifestyles — we each have our own. Everyone here at TeraFlex is united by a common Jeep thread, but outside of that we also enjoy other hobbies and activities.

If you follow us on Facebook or other social media sites, you have undoubtedly seen some of the hobbies that we enjoy. These hobbies become inseparably intertwined with our Jeeping lifestyle and affect how each one of us use our Jeep. From BMX to hiking, motocross to fly-fishing, we use our Jeeps for virtually every outdoor activity that exists. Our Jeep becomes an extension of us, and we use it to represent our outdoor lifestyle.

We know that you are exactly like us and enjoy your Jeep doing the things you love. Every TeraFlex component has been designed and engineered to maximize the performance of your Jeep and to keep you active and experiencing life to the fullest. This philosophy goes beyond simply building a suspension lift, replacement axle or a heavy-duty bumper. Our components will get you there and back — and let you enjoy your hobby without a second thought. We have a passion for performance and adventure. It has taken us all over the world and has allowed us to explore the most remote locations.

We feel that if our products aren’t up to our own standards, then they aren’t good enough for you as well. We are constantly refining and improving our designs to ensure that the product you receive will not disappoint. We have a strong team that is focused on our mission statement, and skilled in their specific areas to ensure the products that we manufacture meet the requirements of that statement.

We are more committed than ever to this goal. We have increased quality, product tolerances, implemented 100% QC inspection on many products, and have a solid development and production certification process that ensures proper tolerances and engineering specifications are followed. We believe that by virtue of our highly designed and developed products you can have the best experience every trip you make in your Jeep — and that is our hope and mission.

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— Words by Jason Udy