A wave is nothing new to any of us. Waves at the beach relax and cool us on a hot day. Waves in the sand make for an amazing day at the dunes. Waves in amber fields of grain inspire us. And waves from a fellow Jeeper bring us a feeling of inclusion, acceptance, and soul-bonding comradery.

Ok maybe that last part was a bit over the top, but a good enthusiastic Jeep wave can’t help but bring a smile, and the kids love it almost as much as getting ducked… yeah that’s another story.

The real question here is, when, how, and what exactly is the proper Jeep wave?

After giving examples of greetings from other cultures, Dennis Wood goes through the ins and outs of the different Jeep waves including:

  • “Two-finger-thumb wave” — the ring finger and pinky remain on the steering wheel in case of death wobble
  • “Single-finger wave” — generally the pinky finger
  • “Five-finger open-hand wave” — reserved for an acquaintance

Check out the video above as Dennis Wood goes into detail about the proper Jeep waves.

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— Words by Jason Udy