We are constantly attending shows, events, trail runs, and meeting awesome people. If your would like to show off your rig, trail ride with a local club, or connect with other Jeeping friends, check out the TeraFlex Community and get involved! You can join us on facebook, subscribe below to our newsletter, follow and meet us at events, and add your favorite photos of your Jeep and Lifestyle to our website galleries.

How to create a photo gallery:

To add your photos fast and easy, just register or sign-in. Go to My Galleries. Click the red button Create New Gallery. Select the appropriate category from the drop down menu, and start adding photos!

TeraFlex Build-Ups Gallery

TeraFlex is extensively employed by genuine Jeepers whose Jeeps are built right here at TeraFlex. Each build varies according to our own taste and lifestyle, from Sid’s 2.5” PreRunner Kit, to AJ’s 6” Long Arm rig. View our build-ups and get ideas in the TeraFlex Build-Ups Gallery.

Customer Rigs Gallery

See how other TeraFlex customers are building their rigs in our Customer Rigs Gallery. If you have your own TeraFlex to proudly display, we'd love to see and hear about it! Create a gallery and tell us about your Jeep and build components.

Lifestyles Gallery

Are you a fly fisher, photographer, rock climber, big game hunter, camper, motocross rider, search and rescuer? Part of our mission is to provide every Jeeper with access to their passion and lifestyle, and the Lifestyles Gallery provides an opportunity to share and discover each other's. Create a gallery and share which lifestyles TeraFlex helps you access.