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2020+ JT Jeep Gladiator Suspension Lift Systems and Lift Components

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2020+ JT Jeep Gladiator Suspension Lift Systems and Lift Components

TeraFlex has released its first wave of suspension lift systems and accompanying components for the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator (JT). 

2.5” Alpine RT2 Short Arm Suspension System

TeraFlex Alpine RT (Rogue Trail) Suspension Systems build on our already capable Alpine CT (Cross-Trail) Suspension Systems. These systems include all our top-of-the-line components.

The 2.5” Alpine RT2 Short Arm Suspension System features Alpine IR Short Control Arms with our all-new IR (Independent Rotation) Bushings. These adjustable control arms and bushings team up to give your rig an unprecedented smooth and quiet ride both on- and off-road. Additionally, the included front SpeedBump Bump Stops take the hard hits out of those unexpected trail surprises.

In addition to optimizing suspension geometry, adjustable Alpine IR Short Control Arms feature our all-new IR (Independent Rotation) Bushings. These innovative bushings remove bushing bind during full suspension travel whether on the highway or the trail. This results in unrestricted droop as well as a noticeable ride improvement.

Alpine RT Suspension Systems are for the Jeeper who wants it all!

2.5” Alpine RT2 Short Arm Suspension System

2.5” Alpine CT2 Short Arm Suspension System

TeraFlex Alpine CT (Cross-Trail) Suspension Systems build on our Sport ST (Street & Trail) Suspension Systems.

The 2.5” Alpine CT2 Short Arm Suspension System was designed for the enthusiast who wants to fine-tune their suspension. Alpine Short Control Arms allow tuning of the caster and pinion angles, centering of the axles in the wheel wells, and wheelbase adjustment. The zero-maintenance adjustable control arms make the Alpine CT2 the perfect all-around suspension system.

Our adjustable Alpine Short Control Arms balance front caster angle and pinion angles as well as optimize rear pinion angles, anti-squat geometry, and tire position. The adjustable Alpine IR Front Track Bar improves steering response, centers the axles to optimize vehicle roll center, and reduces body roll for unsurpassed handling.

Alpine CT Suspension Systems are engineered for hardcore Jeeping without sacrificing weekday ride comfort!

2.5” Alpine CT2 Short Arm Suspension System

2.5” Sport ST2 Spring & Spacer Lift System

These all-inclusive TeraFlex Sport ST (Street & Trail) Suspensions Systems deliver true street & trail (ST) performance and capability in a dependable and maintenance-free package.

Developed for the Jeep enthusiast looking for a stable highway commute and comfortable trail performance, the 2.5” Sport ST2 Spring & Spacer Lift System’s front lift coil springs and rear lift coil spring spacers have minimal impact on factory suspension geometry. The “foam” Progressive bump stops prevent tire contact and shock bottoming.

TeraFlex Sport ST Suspension Systems feature lift coil springs and/or rear lift coil spring spacers and bump stops optimized for stated lift height as well as tire and component clearance. The Sport ST1 has minimal impact on factory geometry.

Sport ST Suspension Systems can be installed on Friday, wheeled on Saturday, and driven to church on Sunday!

2.5” Sport ST2 Spring & Spacer Lift System

3.5" Base Lift Kits

TeraFlex 3.5" Base Lift Kits include just the basic lift components only and don’t have the drivability of a full suspension system. Requires front control arm Sport Brackets, or longer front lower control arms, or adjustable control arms, and/or an adjustable front track bar to correct suspension geometry.

3.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit

3.5” Performance Spacer Lift Kit

2.5" Base Lift Kits

These ultra-simple TeraFlex 2.5" Base Lift Kits are the most economical way to fit larger tires to increase ground clearance for better off-road capability. These kits feature the basic parts required with the least amount of modifications.

2.5” Coil Spring & Spacer Lift Kit

2.5” Performance Spacer Lift Kit

Alpine IR Short Control Arms | Alpine Short Control Arms

TeraFlex's adjustable Short Control Arms provide complete alignment adjustability and dependability for maximum performance on JT Gladiator models with 0-4.5” lifts. Bolts to the factory control arm mounting brackets. Can be added to any existing suspension lift. Short Control Arms are available in sets of eight or in pairs. 

Alpine IR Short Control Arms feature our innovative IR Bushings provide unrestricted rotation and flex as well as excellent NVH damping. These maintenance-free bushings improve on- and offroad ride quality and performance.

Our standard Alpine Short Control Arms feature high-quality, dependable, maintenance-free, factory-style bushings that provide excellent NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) damping and ride quality

Alpine IR Short Control Arm Kits

Alpine Short Control Arm Kits

Lift Coil Springs

TeraFlex Lift Coil Springs are perfectly engineered for your JT Gladiator. Our engineers focused on extensive rate tuning and dynamic balance between front and rear load bias to produce Lift Coil Springs that deliver unsurpassed highway handling and off-road performance. 

Front springs are available in 3.5" and 2.5" lift heights, while rear springs are available in a 2.5" lift height. Sold in pairs.

Lift Coil Springs

SpeedBump & Progressive Bump Stop Kits

TeraFlex Bump Stop Kits add additional protection to your suspension over the factory bump stops, which can deform during hard compression and suspension movement. Proper bump stop length and/or bump stop strike pad height is crucial for preventing damage to axle housing tubes, suspension components, shock absorbers, and fenders.

2”-Stroke SpeedBump & Progressive Bump Stop Kit

Progressive Bump Stop Kit

3”-Stroke SpeedBump Front Bump Stop Kit

JL | JT: Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit (0-4.5" Lift)

TeraFlex Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnects are the industry leader thanks to their ease of use. The Sway Bar Links quickly disconnect and swing up out of the way for unrestricted axle articulation during off-roading. While connected for street use, the link provides immediate reaction during sway bar loading to eliminate excess play. This results in improved lateral control and steering response compared to the stock rubber sway bar link bushings. 

JL | JT Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit

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