JK Tera44 Heavy Duty Front Replacement Axle Housing

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Let’s take a look at the kind of options this axle comes with.  The direct Rubicon replacement housing, or the R44 version of the housing, was chosen for this field because of its ability to retain the original axle shafts, locker, bearings, and gears.  As an added bonus, the original housing can be sold to help offset the cost of the new housing upgrade, due to its like-new condition.  This axle housing is also the perfect solution for bent, broken or damaged axles in JK Wrangler Rubicon vehicles, and can also be used to build a heavy duty axle upgrade for non-Rubicon JKs.

When choosing which 44 housing to use in his JK, Hank chose the TeraFlex 44 Axle Assembly Housing.  “I wanted to run RCV’s new 35 spline axle shafts in my housing, so the advantage of maintaining the original shafts wasn't really of use to me.  But, the option of running any aftermarket locker was.” 

The housing comes with all the necessary fittings and plugs, and both axles are complete with heavy duty diff covers.  TeraFlex understands axles.  They designed and built the first Continuous Radius 60 also known as the CRD60, which is now an industry standard.  It only makes sense that TeraFlex would build a JK heavy duty 44 housing that raises the bar in innovation.  Whether you need a replacement for your JK 44, or even your JK 30, TeraFlex has you covered.  For increased strength, TeraFlex has completely redesigned the center section and the inner C’s.  By adding the largest diameter tubes in the industry, our engineers have completed the package. 

The replacement housing includes a heavy duty Tera44 Housing, tubes, inner seal, axle bracketry, inner knuckles, HD cover, and upper control arm bushings. Simply Transfer your existing internal components, outer knuckle assembly, and brakes to the new housing.

Additional Features and Benefits:

Ductile cast iron housing with increased rib gussets

Smooth Radius bottom design to glide over rocks & obstacles

Asymmetric housing design, for extra-long tube side strength

Bottom oil drain hole for simple fluid changes

Integrated factory location upper control arm mount

3.25" x 0.25" axle tube increases strength to resist bending and torsion with minimal weight increase

Compatible with factory JK Rubicon locker

Inner axle seals pre-installed

ARB & standard width carrier housing available

Heavy duty ductile iron differential cover

Retains all JK ESP, ABS & speedometer sensor capability

Premium UV protected triple-stage powder coat process for superior corrosion resistance

♦ Simple install - direct bolt in application for all stock & lifted JK's

♦ Retains Rubicon locker, ring & pinion, axle shafts, outer knuckle assembly, and brakes

♦ Forged heavy duty inner knuckles with greater upper and lower section strength

♦ 1/4" Thick CNC laser cut axle brackets for extreme strength

♦ Reinforced front trackbar mount (ties into spring pad) for greater strength

♦ Integrated lower FlexArm skid plates

♦ Lower shock mounts moved outboard 1.5" for additional shock body clearance during compression

♦ Pre-tapped hole on spring perch for bump stop extensions

♦ Pre-drilled holes for limit straps and lower spring retainers

♦ Pre-installed upper control arm bushing

♦ Proper pinion angle for lifted JK applications

♦ 100% engineered, designed, and built in the USA

Pricing, design, and strength.  It’s the TeraFlex advantage.

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