Winter is Here, is Your Jeep Ready?

If you live anywhere near us, we're sure you've noticed winter has already come! Before long we'll have freezing weather, huge mounds of snow, and lots of ice. And it will be here to stay! So, while you're busy putting up your holiday decorations, buying presents, or whatever it is you like to do during this time of year, we want to drop a quick reminder on some basic preparations you should take to assure your Jeep enjoys the season just as much as you do.

 Winter riding can be fun, but it can also be a lot more dangerous. Make sure to pack extra fuel, clothing, food, and water if you're planning on heading up to your favorite winter trail run anytime soon!

Here's an easy check list with some basic maintenance steps you should take to prepare your Jeep for the winter: 

  • Check your cooling system. If you’re not sure if you have the right mixture of water and antifreeze, drain and replace it. Snow driving is hard on your cooling system.
  • Check your hoses for cracks, bulges or anything else odd. Replace hoses in doubt.
  • Get an oil change and lube job. Change your oil to a lower viscosity if in a cold weather climate to allow better lubrication during cold starts.
  • Check drivebelts to make sure they’re in good condition.
  • If you use winter tires, switch them out now. If not, check your tires and rotate them if necessary.
  • Lubricate all of your locks with a lock lubricant.
  • Check all of your fluid levels and fill if necessary.
  • Apply dielectric grease to your electrical connections that will be exposed to the weather to help keep them from corroding.
  • Replace your windshield wiper fluid with winter fluid.

Follow this check list and you should be good to go for all your winter excursions you have planned! 

Be safe out there and Happy Holidays!

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