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Pony Express Trail 

Every true Jeeper knows that part of putting the "happy" in holidays means getting out on the trails.


The day after Christmas would find Dennis, Sam (property management), Joe (international sales) and Sterling (customer service) from TeraFlex at a local trail near Tooele, UT in the 5 Mile Pass area on Rattlesnake Trail. 

These guys described it as a "clear and beautiful perfect day."  When asked what he liked about the trail run Joe responded, "I only like going there for snow wheeling, it's really fun!  Also a lot less busy."  He described scenic landscapes, deer tracks, and fresh untouched trails.  "Warm weather attracts a lot of ATV's, bikers and other vehicles, so I avoid that area until winter comes."

In the winter, one can expect to find untouched trail grounds blanketed with glistening white snow, begging to be blazed.

"Snow wheeling also provides a good opportunity to learn the limitations of your tires," said Joe as he noted his own Duratrac tires' grooves remained relatively clear of packed snow, maintaining their traction fairly well.  Dennis said, "I always like to wheel with Joe.  It just makes you feel good about your own driving skills."

The Golden Eagle from SEMA even got out to join the fun.

Grandfather-of -the-year award goes to Dennis with his favorite Jeepin grandson Connor.  Joe commented, "Well at least on this trip, Dennis did not run out of gas or get a flat tire."  The day's adventure ended with a bang, as Joe and Dennis chased each other around a mile long track, looping around and around, doing some snow drifting.  

A perfect way to end the year!  Dennis had such a good time that as January approached, he decided to organize another trail run for the coming New Year's day of 2016 at the last minute.


Dennis, Brian (accounting), Alex (shipping), Brandon (marketing) and Sam (property management) along with many off-road friends including John Williams of Impulse Offroad, Keith Holiday of a local Doug Smith facility, and many others all embarked on this historical scenic and low-key expedition on January 1st, 2016.

Dennis said, "I was surprised at how many people were ready to just get out and do something on a holiday, even at the last minute.  We had a good 14 Jeeps show up."  There were eleven JK's, one TJ and even a Renegade to represent.

The trail head began at 5 Mile where they left and drove approx 175 miles up to Wendover.  "It is not a hard trail.  It's just fun to get out with everyone and see it," Dennis explained.  "We timed it just right though.  The ground was so frozen and slick at below 0 temp, we had a fun time sliding along without worrying about mud, driving about 40-50 mph most the time."

The Pony Express Trail is a designated National Historic Trail and Backcountry Byway.  The Pony Express was a horse-and-rider-mail-delivery system used just over 100 years ago that ran from Sacramento, CA to St. Joseph, MO -- a span of 1,900 miles.  The Jeepers stopped to visit the station memorials along the way where the riders rested before completing their strenuous journeys.

Jeeping with friends.  A perfect way to begin the first day of 2016.

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