MOAB EJS: TeraFlex Trail Run - Wipeout Hill

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Written by Joe Thompson


Rating:                  Moderate
Length:                 Entire loop 6 miles  (we didn't go the full loop and we incorporated other trails so this isn't accurate for our ride)
Time:                     2 hours generally
High point:          5,245 feet

Joe Thompson gettin' some air on Wipeout Hill

One of the year’s greatest moments finally arrived as we headed off to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari 2016.  TeraFlex’s traditional EJS trail run would start first thing Monday morning and I couldn’t wait.  Last year we wheeled Moab’s Flat Iron Mesa trail with over 50 Jeeps for a great ride.  This year, with a 35 Jeep limit to help pick up speed, we decided to take the new Wipe Out Hill trail with our friend Dan Mick to lead us along once again.

As we gathered at our meeting location before hitting the trail, our group was met with a nice surprise.  The Jeep concept models came rolling past us first thing! Crew Chief 715, Shortcut, Trailcat and others passing us as they headed off to a photo shoot.  What a fantastic start for a day of wheeling in Moab!

Ten minutes later we embarked on our journey to Wipe Out Hill.  Dennis went up front with Dan and I took the back position as tail gunner.  

Only 45 minutes into the day when the group stopped for everyone to catch up, an accident occurred.  A female Jeeper stumbled and broke her right femur.  Her fellow Jeepers instantly radioed for help and several rushed to her side to render first aid. She was made as comfortable as possible, and kept plenty warm by the numerous coats piled on her.  She barely whimpered at the pain while smiling and joking with her rescuers.  We were lucky to have an RN Jeeper with us that day, who provided much needed professional assistance.  With Air Med, Search & Rescue, an ambulance & even the Sheriff all present, she was well taken care of as they rushed her to the hospital. That night she had surgery to fix her broken leg, and we last heard that she was doing great. 

Once the excitement passed, we were soon rolling back down the trail to the Monitor and Merrimac buttes and Determination Towers for lunch – a perfectly picturesque spot to rest and eat.  

Now as many Jeepers will tell you, I typically I make homemade root beer on the trail runs.  This year I spiced things up with ice cream, for root beer floats! 

After lunch it was finally time to head to the main obstacle, Wipe Out Hill.  Everyone had to at least go down the hill, but a few decided to turn around and go back up.  Most had 40” tires, while one brave soul courageously tackled the hill with puny 34’s.  [Aaaand that would be Joe’s Jeep]  After a lot of fun, we headed out to finish the trail for the day without any other incidents or accidents.

Thanks to all that joined us, and big thanks to Dan Mick for his help and his stories. Who knows, maybe root beer floats will have to stick around for next year!


Edited by Ginny Tilby

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