MOAB EJS: Kane Creek Canyon Trail - 2016

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Organized by Knuckles Offroad & JK-Forum

Length:                Approx. 13.5 miles
Time:                    Normally 3-4 hours in dry conditions
High Point:          5,148 ft.

Graphic designer & photographer Brandon Wright and Ben Falkner of research & development took Dennis Wood’s Jeep, “The Road Warrior,” to represent TeraFlex for the JK Forum trail run Wednesday morning of Easter Jeep Safari 2016. 

“Meet up time was 8:30 am and we were pushing to make it,” explained Wright.  “We got there just as the group was leaving and we barely caught the tail end of the line.”  JK Forum spoke to their group of 20 Jeeps through CB radio, and thanked North Ridge and TeraFlex for sponsoring the ride even though TeraFlex didn’t make it out.  “This is TeraFlex, we are here,” Falkner and Wright tried to respond.  A weak signal refused to let the message through, but as the day progressed, their presence was eventually discovered.

 “It was a really good, fun trail,” said Wright.  “Slow, but that’s to be expected at Safari with large groups.”  A group of 20 Jeeps isn’t bad, but this group had another group just in front of them, and another right behind.  Needless to say, there were a LOT of Jeeps.  Kane Creek normally takes 3-4 hours in dry conditions, but this ride lasted roughly 8-9 hours.

A unique aspect of this trail, as Wright described, was a large variety of terrain.  “… from dirt desert, to wet swamp-like marsh, to slick rocks and boulders.”  Kane Creek trail also includes several water crossings, which is less common now as Jeeping through rivers is much more prohibited.  Wright continued, “…and at one point we circled around a canyon like a horse shoe, driving on a cliff’s edge through very narrow roads.” 

Wright admitted he felt a little scared when he looked over the edge, down at the far distant bottom of the canyon.  “It was a little scary looking down.  Then I saw something and said to Ben, I think there’s like a car or something down there!  He just said, oh yeah that’s been down there for years.  Ben is a really good driver though, he knows what he’s doing.  So I wasn’t too worried.” 

The two main obstacles on the trail included the difficult Hamburger Hill, a long, difficult boulder climb.  The other was a climb of large rock steps just after a river crossing.  Most of Kane Creek trail is rated “difficult” on the rating scale, so the challenges were not few.  Hamburger Hill:

Excitement escalated when Chantelle from Topless for Tatas broke a steering idler pulley in her engine, and was completely stopped.  Her husband happened to have a pulley packed away, but it was the wrong size size.  Mechanics in the group came forward, and after a few quick adjustments had it working and she was moving once again.  Goes to show the importance of being prepared, Jeeping in numbers, and having friends who know a thing or two about mechanics.

Wright found the slow-going and frequent stops allowed for an enhanced experience.  As passengers got out and mingled with one another, he explains, “I met a lot of cool people.  Some of them I only knew on Instagram until then.  Getting out on the trail at Safari brought these ‘friends’ of mine and myself together in real life, to share in this amazing experience.  That was really cool.”

Can’t say it better than Mr. Wright.  “There’s no other place like Moab, anywhere.”


Written By Ginny Tilby

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