TeraFlex - Parading Through Town on Fourth of July!

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TeraFlex has been participating in local Fourth of July parades for several years and 2017 was no different. This year we brought out 16 Jeeps to the West Jordan, Utah parade in the morning and the seven Jeeps to the Sandy parade in the evening. Although the day was hot (more than 100 degrees) and long – our caravan of Jeeps is always the last group to perform – we had lots of fun flexing for the crowd!


Plus, nothing screams independence like a fleet of iconic Jeeps – especially when they feature modifications from a locally-owned Utah-based manufacturer. 



For the morning’s parade, we had Ginny from our marketing department lead the way in Ben’s Radioactive neon green JKU. This was also her first year participating in the parade, which made her nervous and excited. She even brought her niece along as co-pilot.



As usual, we also invited Curtis McNeil and his wife from Just 4 Fun Motorsports in Lindon, Utah to help put on the show.




Although Ginny said she was nervous to head up the fleet of Jeeps, that all went away when she could see the excitement of the crowd – especially the children who smiled and waved back at them in the bright-colored Jeep. Once she was comfortable piloting the JKU, she began to weave back-and-forth down the parade route. She even drove up onto the center island to show off her flex.

Just behind her, four of the Jeeps began to stack on the Race Jeep piloted by Kyle West. The TeraFlex-equipped Jeeps rode up on top of its tires and paused to show off their skills and our products’ capability.



At the West Jordan parade, several of our employees’ kids walked behind the Jeeps passing out candy and spraying the crowd with water to keep them cool. With temps rising at the Sandy parade, the kids passed out Otter Pops and used larger sprayers to cool off the crowd. With the recent release of Cars 3, Sid Falkner's LS3-powered Kachow Jeep JKU was a hit with the kids.



And nothing is cooler than putting on a show on public streets with the crowd’s approval during blazing hot temps! What a great way to celebrate our country’s Independence Day!



Not only would we like to thank the organizers, but also the parade goers, who not only come out to the see the parade but who also waited until the end to see the TeraFlex grand finale. We also want to give a big thanks to Kimberly for organizing the event on our end. And last, but not least, we want to thank the men and women in uniform who serve and have served our country.


– Jason Udy


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