TeraFlex Jeep Wrangler (JK) and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JKU) Lift Kit Guide

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Which TeraFlex lift kit is best for my Jeep? Why do you offer so many lift kits?

We get these types of questions all the time here at TeraFlex. And the simple answer is: Well it depends.

It depends on what you want out of your Jeep Wrangler (JK) or Wrangler Unlimited (JKU). Do you use your Jeep as a commuter or family car? Is it a hardcore weekend warrior? Or is it a dual-purpose rig used for daily driving as well as escaping city life and paved streets? The tire diameter you want to run also dictates what size lift you will need. Cost is also a factor.

All these questions must be taken into consideration when choosing a lift kit.

Bigger isn’t always better. But sometimes bigger is better. And that’s why we offer a variety of suspension systems from mild to wild – and several in between – so our customers can find the kit that’s best suited for their rig and their needs.

(While this article focuses on the current JK and JKU, we haven’t forgot about our roots. A lift kit suspension guide for the TJ Wrangler and LJ Wrangler Unlimited can be found HERE.)

1.25” Body Lift Kit for 33” Tires

For maximum affordability, our JK Wrangler and JKU Wrangler Unlimited 1.25” Body Lift Kit provides enough clearance to run a 33” tire. Body lift kits also have minimal impact on raising the center of gravity. Additionally, TeraFlex body lift kits can be combined with suspension lift kits for even more altitude. The body mounts are made from premium UHMW polyethylene for longevity and corrosion resistance. The kit also includes all-new hardware.

1.5” Leveling Kits for 33” Tires

TeraFlex offers two choices to cure the factory nose-down rake of your JK Wrangler or JKU Wrangler Unlimited. The first is a 1.5” Spacer Leveling Kit and the second is 1.5” Coil Spring Leveling Lift Kit. Although we call these leveling kits, both kits will raise the nose 2.0 inches and the rear 1.0 inch. Both leveling kits will clear 33” tires.  

Leveling kits are ideal for mild trails due to increased ground clearance and the ability to fit larger diameter tires, which improves approach, breakover, and departure angles. Although these kits may not be tall enough to avoid dragging, rocker and skid plates can protect the body and drivetrain. There is, however, still a possibility for your Jeep to get hung up on taller objects.  

1.5” Spacer Leveling Kit

For roughly the same cost as our body lift kit, TeraFlex offers a basic 1.5” Spacer Leveling Kit for the two-door JK and four-door JKU. The 1.5” Leveling Kit includes a 2.0” front and 1.0” rear spring spacer, longer front sway bar links, and all necessary hardware.

1.5” Coil Spring Leveling Kit

Although they achieve the same 1.5” lift as our spacer leveling kit, our 1.5” Coil Spring Leveling Kits for the JK and the JKU offer even more benefits. The longer coil springs increase suspension travel and allow for additional spring rate, which prevents sagging when adding heavy aftermarket equipment. These kits work with the stock length shocks and include 2.0” lift front coil springs and 1.0” lift rear coil springs, longer front sway bar links, and all necessary hardware.

2.5” Lift Kits for 35” Tires

Do you want to fit 35” tires on your JK Wrangler or JKU Wrangler Unlimited? Then check out either our 2.5” Budget Boost or our 2.5” Coil Spring Lift Kit. These kits will allow you to tackle mild to moderate trails with less worry about dragging or getting hung up on tall objects.

2.5” Budget Boost (Spacer Lift Kit)

For the most bang for your buck, our 2.5" Budget Boost for the JK Wrangler and JKU Wrangler Unlimited can’t be beat. The kit includes 2.5” front and 2.0” rear spring spacers, rear sway bar links, rear brake line extensions, and all necessary hardware. The Budget Boost is also available with front and rear shock extensions or with longer TeraFlex 9550 VSS shock absorbers.

2.5” Coil Spring Lift Kits

Our 2.5” Coil Spring Lift Kits for the JK and the JKU were designed to perform on the highway and off-road. TeraFlex engineers were able to add clearance, while maintaining the stock suspension geometry, roll center, and load tuning ensuring that all factory nannies remain operational. Despite their noticeable cost increase over the Budget Boost, the additional components in our 2.5” Coil Spring Lift Kits offer even more benefits.

Not only do the longer coil springs increase ground clearance and suspension travel, but they allow for more spring rate, which is beneficial when adding heavier bumpers, winches, a larger spare tire, or other aftermarket gear such as our Alta Cargo Rack or our Tailgate Table. The spring lift kits also include a slightly higher lift in the front to level out the factory rake. 

The 2.5” Spring Lift Kits feature 2.5” lift coil springs, rear sway bar links, heavy duty rear track bar axle bracket, bump stop extensions, TeraFlex 9550 VSS shock absorbers, and all necessary hardware.

Sport S/T Suspension Systems

When you are ready to get serious, our new Sport S/T (Sport and Trail) Suspension Systems come with all the pieces needed to lift your JK Wrangler or JKU Wrangler Unlimited for better off-road capability without compromising the factory geometry or on-road ride comfort. All of our Sport S/T Suspension Systems are bolt-on installation.

All Sport S/T Suspension Systems are offered with a choice of Falcon shock absorbers including Series 2.1 monotube, Series 3.1 piggyback shocks, Series 3.2 adjustable piggyback shocks, or Series 3.3 fast adjustable piggyback shocks. Don't forget to check out the Falcon Nexus EF (equal force) steering stabilizer for lifted Wrangler models. 

Sport S/T1 – 1.5” Leveling Kit for 33” Tires

The TeraFlex Sport S/T1 1.5” Leveling Kit provides positive and responsive handling with reduced vibration and harshness. We engineered the springs and our Falcon shock absorbers to work together for optimal vehicle stability.

The Sport S/T1 includes:

The Sport S/T1 Suspension System is offered with a choice of Falcon shocks:

Sport S/T2 – 2.5” Lift Kit for 35” Tires

With its 2.5” lift height, our Sport S/T2 2.5” Lift Kit comes with additional pieces to maintain the factory highway stability, while improving its off-road capability with additional ground clearance compared to the S/T1 leveling kit.

The Sport S/T2 Suspension System is offered with a choice of Falcon shocks:

Sport S/T3 – 3.0” Lift Kit for 35” Tires

Next up is our Sport S/T3 3.0” Lift Kit with a full 3.0 inches of lift. This kit has been engineered to increase your JK or JKU’s ground clearance without compromising its on- and off-road prowess. Although it clears the same size tire as the Sport S/T2 kit, the Sport S/T3 includes lots of additional equipment. No alignment is needed thanks to the included six preset flexarms that optimize correct caster and pinion angles for the 3.0” lift.

The Sport S/T3 includes:

The Sport S/T3 Suspension System is offered with a choice of Falcon shocks:

Outback Overland Suspension System – 3.0” Lift Kit for 35” Tires

The TeraFlex Outback Overland Suspension System is designed for expedition-style overland travel and features a 3.0” lift to clear 35” tires. We have beefed up several components to handle the stresses of carrying heavy gear while traveling extended distances over rough terrain. We gave the coil springs heavier spring rates in order to maintain lift height under all conditions. Other upgrades include extensive gusseting, braces, and brackets to increase longevity of critical systems.

The kit includes:

The HD limiting straps maximize down travel safety to prevent any potential damage to drivetrain or suspension parts, while coil spring retainers prevent the springs from unseating during full suspension extension and the SpeedBump bump stops provide progressive compression during high-speed suspension movement.

Applications include:

Alpine CT Suspension Systems

For those who want more adjustability in their lift kit, we offer the Alpine CT (Cross Trail) Suspension Systems with eight adjustable Alpine flexarms. Alpine CT lift kits are available in 3.0” and 4.0” heights.

Alpine CT3 – 3.0” Lift Kit for 35” Tires

TeraFlex designed the Alpine CT3 3.0” Lift Kit as a bolt-on kit that offers positive, responsive handling on road with reduced vibration and harshness for better ride quality as well as full range of movement, flex, and articulation off-road. Fully adjustable Alpine flexarms optimize correct caster and pinion angles.

The base Alpine CT3 includes:

The Alpine CT3 Suspension System is offered without shocks (longer shock absorbers required) or with choice of Falcon shocks:

Alpine CT4 – 4 .0” Lift Kit for 37” Tires

For serious off-road capability and off-road driving, TeraFlex offers the Alpine CT4 4.0” Lift Kit with eight fully-adjustable long Alpine flexarms for full Baja-style suspension articulation without giving up on-road geometry or ride comfort and handling.

Unlike our other bolt-on kits, the CT4 requires cutting of the factory mounting points and welding of our Elite LCG (low center of gravity) long arm brackets to mount our long Alpine flexarms. The CT4 also requires an alignment after installation.

The base Alpine CT4 includes:

The Alpine CT4 Suspension System is offered without shocks (longer shock absorbers required) or with choice of Falcon shocks:

Elite LCG Long Flexarm Suspension System – 6.0” Lift Kit for 38” Tires

The granddaddy of all our lift kits is the TeraFlex Elite LCG Long 6.0” Lift Kit, which is designed to excel on road, in the desert, trail driving, and rock crawling.

Highlights include the ability to tune the suspension geometry for superior handling and responsive steering on road as well as ultimate off-road performance with proper articulation and flex without binding or limiting travel. The correct geometry also keeps the axles centered front-to-back, while the track bars eliminate side-to-side movement. The kit was also designed to minimize dive during braking and squat while putting the power down as well as optimize front and rear roll centers. The fully adjustable flexarms allow tuning of the pinion, caster, anti-squat, and tire position. An alignment after installation is required.

The TeraFlex Elite LCG Long Flexarm 6.0" Suspension System (JKU) includes:

Although our Elite LCG lift kit comes with bump stops, many customers step up to our SpeedBump bump stop kit

Longer shock absorbers are required and can be purchased separately. Compatible Falcon shocks include:

For more information on a specific suspension system, click the links in the article or check out our FAQ page HERE

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