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EJS '17: Day Canyon Point Trail

Category:  Trails & Events

Total Distance:   5.7 miles
Elevation:   4,504 - 6,079 feet
Technical Rating:   4
Season:   Year round

The TeraFlex official trail run this year covered Day Canyon Point trail.  Much less popular, not as well known, in fact none of us had driven it before.  We asked Dan Mick for a recommendation and described what we envisioned for our trail this year.  We wanted something fit for almost any driver, a family friendly trail, with scenic views and still offers an enjoyable drive.  Thank you Dan - it was perfect.

Most of this trail was driven in 2WD but still presented an enjoyable variety of terrain.  A couple of us hung back here and there for some photo opps, which pleasantly provided us with open space to play as we caught up to the group.  Joe spun some serious dirt as he wheeled some donuts in one of two dirt track sections as the area was vacant for playing!  

A majority of this trail includes small descents and climbs on rough and sometimes smooth slick rock ledges.  Some of the highlights were no doubt the small yet never-ending obstacles...

...the beautiful and unexpected scenery including the La Sal Peaks in our constant view, the ability to look on nearly 7 other trails from a distance,...

...and a grand opening on a ledge looking down on the Colorado River which we enjoyed around noon, along with lunch and Joe's famous homemade rootbeer...

...and of course no highlight beats the incredible company of old and new friends that came along for the ride.  They say everything is better with friends by your side.  We think that's true, but we all know that everything is EVEN better when you're a Jeeper, and your friends are Jeepers wheeling by your side.

Good ol' Dan Mick always knows how to make a good day better.  He took us home a different way and we drove through the enormous and breath-taking Long Canyon trail on our way back to town.  

Thank you everyone for joining us!


* * * 

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