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EJS '17: Hell's Revenge, Sponsored by TeraFlex

Category:  Trails & Events

Total Distance:   7.8 miles
Elevation:   4,476 - 4,780 feet
Technical Rating:   6
Season:   Year round

This year TeraFlex sponsored Monday's EJS trail running the popular Hell's Revenge.  We had a great time with a great group of Jeepers.  We decided to take Dennis' Jeep The Harbinger , entrusted in Joe's care for the day...

....and we also took out Ben's new Falcon Jeep build, driven by TeraFlex mechanic Ryan.

We invited a "newb" to finally experience Moab with us.  She started out squealing and holding her breath at every incline, but was all laughter, smiles and "Can we do it again?" by the end of the day.

What's a good EJS trail run without a good show right?  Hell's Gate  certainly didn't fail us...

...especially when Ryan dared Curtis from Just 4 Fun to drive it backwards.  Did he make it to the top?

You bet your bumper he did!  This guys's off-road maneuvering skills are TOP NOTCH.  Hey nice axles there, Curtis.

And then The Pit  happened.  An unfortunate roll over from the previous day left a pool of oil that greased up the whole pit.  A mess indeed and impossible to crawl out.  We weren't surprised that Curtis of course was up for the challenge!

He never did make it out, in the end he had to exit the pit in reverse.  But we think he enjoyed himself nonetheless!

And so did we.  Though Hell's Revenge sounds and looks intimidating, probably anyone could drive it with a good coach in the passenger.  It's a fun trail and never gets old.

The Falcon shocks performed fantastically throughout each obstacle.  Our hearts and Jeeps rejoiced.

Despite the hang ups.... 

Nice, Joe.  We won't tell Dennis.


* * * 

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