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The Most Popular Tire Carrier in the Industry!

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 The Most Popular Tire Carrier in the Industry!


Why is the TeraFlex JK/JKU Alpha Heavy-Duty Hinged Spare Tire Carrier & Alpha Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit right for you?  Because it's the very best in the entire industry – just ask Chrysler.



JK/JKU Alpha Heavy Duty Hinged Spare Tire Carrier


In 2012, TeraFlex Suspensions developed the JK/JKU Alpha Heavy-Duty Hinged Spare Tire Carrier & Alpha Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit: a new and improved carrier system for the spare tire and tailgate on the JK Wrangler and JKU Wrangler Unlimited. With the goal of keeping thing simple, TeraFlex designed this carrier with a clean factory appearance, a no-drill installation, and easy-to-use function. A simple one-handed operation opens the tailgate with the attached spare tire in one smooth action. Additionally, the factory spare tire mount bolts to the Alpha HD Spare Tire Carrier for a modification-free installation.  

While simple is good, the tire carrier also needed to be strong. Our research and development team discovered a substantial structural element in the corner of the JK/JKU’s tub. We took advantage of this corner structure’s strength by bolting on a set of forged hinges to support our spare tire carrier and the weight of a heavy oversized spare tire.


Our design also cured another common JK/JKU complaint: tailgate rattling. A spare tire bouncing up and down begins to shake tailgate components loose over time resulting in noise, rattles, and a headache. By transferring the stresses caused by the spare tire weight away from the tailgate, the Alpha HD Spare Tire Carrier becomes the load-carrying component for the spare tire and tailgate. 


JK/JKU Alpha Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spare Tire Mount


What happens when payday comes and we purchase those bigger tires? Aside from the extra quality time in the dog house, many of us encounter backspacing issues with our new wheels and tires. Less backspacing pushes the new wheel and tire combo further away from the tailgate resulting in more leverage to bounce up and down, stress the tailgate, and shake things loose. TeraFlex developed the Alpha Heavy-Duty Adjustable Spare Tire Mount to allow owners to adjust the tire closer to the tailgate for reduced stress and a rattle-free ride. 


Some may wonder if the adjustment process is equally uncomplicated. Yep. A close look will reveal that the mounting plate is actually separate from the tube and base plate of the carrier. Two easily-accessed pinch bolts at the bottom secure the mounting plate to the tube and base when tightened. Simply loosening the pinch bolts will allow the mount assembly to slide in and out for adjustment. The tire sitting as close to the tailgate as possible results in excellent stability.  


Upsizing the spare tire can also lead to bumper clearance problems. TeraFlex engineers designed a solution for this issue as well. The mounting plate contains several large hole patterns along the outer edges toward the top and down the middle toward the bottom. You could probably use these to string your favorite beanie babies to the mount, but these holes are actually there specifically to accommodate different tire sizes. The lower holes are for smaller tires. As your tire size increases – and your pooch’s living accommodations get cozier – the higher sets of holes are there to mount your bigger tires without hitting the bumper. Additionally, your tire height can be adjusted to clear the various aftermarket bumpers available for the JK/JKU. 

A larger tire will also hide the 3rd brake light – a safety feature that is mandatory in many jurisdictions. So, TeraFlex incorporated an optional 3rd brake light mounting plate. The noticeable, but previously unmentioned small hole patterns on the outermost edges of the mounting plate match up perfectly with the unused lug nut holes in the wheel. The 3rd brake light mounting plate’s studs slide into those holes and can be tightened to the spare tire mounting plate. The 3rd brake light mounting plate also incorporates license plate mounting holes. This puts the 3rd brake light and rear license plate n the center of the spare tire visible to Jonny Law. 


Now you know why it's the best. But don't take our word for it. The product truly speaks for itself.


– Jason Udy


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