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Wheel Adapters

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Let’s talk about buying wheels.

The stock JK wheel has a backspacing of 6 inches, and TeraFlex lift kits require 4.5 inches or less backspacing.  So does that mean you need new wheels if you plan to lift your Jeep?  No.  If you want to get new wheels, then by all means, go for it.  Here is a little chart to help you make sure that your new wheels will work with our lift kit.  Offset is in the middle, and the dark grey is the most compatible:


But some of us are on a budget and new wheels don’t quite fit in yet.  So how do we still get that awesome TeraFlex lift?  Wheel Adapters.  The TeraFlex Wheel Spacer isn’t really a wheel spacer, it’s actually a wheel adapter.  Wheel adapters have new studs to mount the wheel, where a wheel spacer just minimizes your threads on the existing mounting surface.


 The TeraFlex Wheel Adapters are 1.25” thick and prevent your new sway-bar link in the rear from rubbing up against your wheel.  When we use the wheel adapter, it pushes the wheel out, just enough to clear that sway bar mount.  Now, if you did your math there, you’re really sitting at about 4.75” of backspacing with the stock wheels and wheels adapters--this is also acceptable.  We just say 4.5” on aftermarket wheels to be safe.

 Happy lift kit and wheel shopping!

Alie Crane
TeraFlex Customer Service Rep

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