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The purpose-built TeraFlex JK Nebo Roof Rack System incorporates OEM aesthetics and styling with rugged performance to increase cargo carrying capacity for your adventures. The factory finished appearance makes it look at home in the city or off-road in a fully-loaded Rubicon. The low-profile streamlined design has been tuned to reduce air resistance and noise when unloaded.

This rack kit’s standard main rail kit is compatible with universal accessory mounts and accepts aftermarket crossbars from popular companies – including Thule or Yakima – to provide the widest range of mounting options on the market to carry equipment such as cycling, watersports, and snow sports equipment.

The aluminum extruded main rail utilizes the industry standard 10-series T-slot mounts that readily accept accessory mounting hardware to carry gear such as a shovel, axe, or recovery jack. The optional 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (sold separately # 4722050 / # 4722060) provides a platform to hold gear and allows direct mounting of popular sport equipment carriers without need for a load or crossbar.


Nebo Rack Assembled Dimensions:
Height: 2-3/8” (from crown of hard top)
Width: 43” (between rails)
Length: 45-1/2” (between plastic caps)

• Fits all 4-door JK Wrangler Unlimited hardtop models only.


• Two (2) roof rack rails
• Four (4) roof rack rail mounts


• Sleek low-profile design for unobtrusive aesthetics & clean aerodynamics for a quiet ride
• Composite supports & trim parts are molded to match the subtle curvature of the hardtop
• Extruded aluminum construction for reduced weight
• Extra thick architectural grade UV resistant hard anodizing
• Fasteners coated to OEM specifications for superior corrosion/rust resistance
• Rack cargo load is fully supported by factory sport bar
• Unique easy-to-reach access holes allow for quick hardtop removal w/ only four (4) additional mounting fasteners to loosen
• Four (4) T-slot channels on main rail for a variety of mounting points
• Molded in hooks on slat mounts to secure light loads
• Each individual slat has four (4) 10-series T-slots & a wide center slot for mounting existing carriers & racks
• Static load rating of 850 lbs
• Dynamic driving load rating of 200 lbs
• Total Height added: 2-3/8” from the crown of the hardtop
• Total weight added for the main rail kit is 25 lbs & 29 lbs w/ the optional 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (# 4722050 or # 4722060)
• Hardtop can be hoisted & stored from the rail system
• Rubber gaskets & O-rings w/ shoulder bolts prevent leaking
• Black finish
• Patent Pending


• Drilling required in factory hardtop.
• Optional 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (# 4722050 or # 4722060) sold separately for additional mounting options.
• The TeraFlex Nebo Rack is designed to accommodate the widest range of equipment carriers on the market. These equipment carriers can be attached to the main rails, the cross slats, or by mounting the carriers cross load bars to the main rails. This will provide a safe and secure mounting point that is as low profile as possible to reduce wind noise. Because the TeraFlex Nebo rack utilizes industry standard 10-series T-slots, equipment carrier compatibility is maximized with minimal adapter components required.
• Although it is a relatively easy process to attach these equipment carriers to the Nebo rack, there will still be some customizing that must take place. This is most commonly done through adapters provided by the equipment carrier manufacturer (Thule, Yakima, etc.).
• Please review the Nebo rack instruction file found below prior to purchasing or installing the rack. This will give you some insight into the different mounting configurations and adapters that may be required to mount specific equipment carriers to the Nebo rack.

INSTALL TIME: 7 Hours (complete kit w/ rails & slats)

Weight:  28.0 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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April 18th 2016
Mark Heller
Liking it a lot so far, however had a few issues that I'm offering some suggestion on... I seem to have that one jeep with a ever so slightly higher than the norm safety cage. Instead of needing to shim up, I actually had to remove just a little material from the bottom of each foot on the interior with a belt sander. (Palm sander might work too I guess) I assume most would need to shim up a 16th or so, where as I had to remove a little more than a 1/16 to get the brackets to sit flat after chasing the alignment of the holes for a while. Might seem like a small amount, but makes for a tensioned fit on all other OEM fasteners on the roof. As mentioned mine is likely an odd bird or off day at the factory - but an added tidbit in the instruction sheet could help those who scratch the head on that one. As it becomes obvious when the front Fiberglas tabs at fasteners on the roof at the driver and passenger front doors sit high, and the rear brackets hard to keep aligned when tightened down - with no shims... In fact if you can slide a shim under the roof at the tub, that's about the amount you sand off the foot/feet. Once done, works like a charm! This one might be for the nit picky.... The captive nuts in the bracket with the roof off jingle a little when driving with the roof off... Think if I had the roof off for a while - might stick the roof screws in them, just to stop the jingle... Realize they have to be loose for shift in measurement and general application of the roof, but a means to silence them is hand readily. (Rock solid with the roof on BTW) Otherwise, performs as advertised, looks good, and not a goofy looking exo-cage of a rack.
May 22nd 2016
Matthew Adams
This is an extremely well-engineered solution. Fitment is excellent. This is the roof rack that should come from the factory. I only got the rails, but intend to add the slats in the near future. I use the rails as an anchor to hoist the hardtop on my Wrangler Unlimited. I use a Racor heavy lift hoist, which lifts from 4 corners instead of precariously balancing your hardtop from a single point with a half-gallon of water dangling from the other end. (Lange owners, you know what I'm talking about.) I cover the rails with pipe insulation, use Velcro straps to hold on the insulation, and then lower the hoist into place. I use ratchet straps to hold the rails to the hoist tray. Then I put my Freedom Panels on top of the tray. I did a lot of research - this is a perfect solution. The Nebo rack is exactly what I needed - both on the trail and in my garage. Installation is tricky, but only because some of the bolts are in really tight places. But that's because the brackets have to be so low-profile to fit under the hardtop. Teraflex has a great installation video on YouTube. The instructions it comes with are ok, but the video was a lifesaver. Installation is also tricky when you're a one-man show. Having a someone to help would have been, well, helpful. Cons: Teraflex really needs to improve their packaging. Every single bracket had paint chipped off. Simply wrapping them in a thin layer of foam sheeting doesn't cut it. For the price you're paying it seems packaging could be much better. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, the captured nuts in the brackets rattle a little bit. I plan on getting some knobs with matching thread to screw into the nuts when the top is off to reduce the noise. Also note that if you have the sound deadeners in your hardtop, you'll have to cut out spots for the interior landing pads to fit into. Not a big deal at all. I drilled the holes in the top per the instructions, then held the inner pads in place and used them as a template to make the cutouts. Bottom line: I think it's a really great item - something that should come on new Jeeps. I just wish my brackets weren't banged up.
February 13th 2017
Sandy Taylor
Had this modified to fit on my 2 door Jk. I love this rack! They were able to put 3 slats and it looks great! Very durable and I barely notice its there!
September 10th 2017
Dale Dickson
Best low-profile rack available. Took me the better part of a day to install it by myself with the wife helping me take the top off and on. The install video is great to follow along, but you also need the paper instructions to identify the correct parts in the right location. One issue I ran into with the mounting blocks that go between the main rails and roof at the front. There is supposed to be a left and a right, but my kit had two lefts and no right. I used the extra left on the right side anyway and it seemed to work OK. But I was pretty upset when I realized I didn't have the correct parts that the instructions called for. Being a Saturday, I couldn't call Teraflex. Other than that, it went together great and is excellent quality. I installed the slat kit as well, and there is some added wind noise at highway speeds.