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JK: Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier & Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit – 5x5”

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Chrysler's #1 preferred spare tire carrier!

In addition to engineering world-class premium suspension systems, TeraFlex has set the standard for Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited accessories with innovative products such as the JK: Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier & Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit.
First shown at the 2012 SEMA Show, it quickly became the most popular tire carrier in the industry!

Not only did it leave our competitors’ heads spinning, but it inspired them to “develop” their own hinged spare tire carrier.
It took them nearly five years to produce an inferior product lacking many of the features of our Alpha HD Spare Tire Carrier & Mount Kit.

Designed to accommodate up to a 37” tire, the Alpha HD Spare Tire Carrier & Mount Kit secures your spare tire over the most extreme trails and rugged terrain.
It also provides easy access to the rear cargo area in one smooth action.

Using the factory tailgate hinge mounting points spreads the load of the spare tire over a larger area for maximum strength and durability.
Internal gussets and bracing in the stock JK body supports the Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier and oversized tire, which eliminates all stress from the tailgate.

The Alpha HD Spare Tire Carrier also provides additional mounting points for off-road accessories such as a recovery jack and fluid containers.

The Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit will support the additional weight of a full-size spare tire by securely Mount the tire to the Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier and tailgate.

Complete adjustability includes vertical as well as fore and aft adjustments.
The heavily gusseted tire mount is formed and welded from CNC laser cut steel for superior strength.
Although the Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit can be used alone, it has been designed to be installed in conjunction with the Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier.


• Max Tire Diameter: 37”

• Wheel Pattern: 5x5”


• JK Wrangler (2-door)

• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)


• Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier (# 4838100)

• Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit – 5x5” (# 4838130)

Features & Benefits:

• Innovative and unique patented design (USPTO: # D6982240)

• Maintains single-handed entry to the rear cargo area

• Easy fore/aft and height adjustments
• Eliminates tailgate stress and rattles

• Works w/ OEM and most aftermarket bumpers

• Threaded mounting holes for mounting accessories (fuel cans, recovery jack, etc.)

• Strong and lightweight A356.2 T6 cast aluminum

• Heavy-duty forged steel brackets and high-carbon hardened steel 5/8” hinge pins

• Factory form fitting geometry and finish for an OEM appearance

• Simple installation using common hand tools

• No drilling required – uses factory mounting locations

• Dedicated CAD-designed tooling and CAE design

• FEA validation, ASTM, and SAE testing procedures

• 14,000-cycle severe duty slam testing

• 1,000-hour extreme salt spray testing

• OEM Quality UV resistant powder coat finish w/ 3,000-hour accelerated weather testing


• Requires aftermarket wheels w/ 5” backspacing or less – or Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier Wheel Spacer Kit (# 1055005) for stock wheels.

Install Time: 2 Hours


Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier & Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit

• Complete Kit – 5x5” (# 4838150)

Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier Kit

• Tire Carrier (# 4838100)

Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Kit

• 5x5” (# 4838130)

• 5x5.5” (# 4838235)

• 8x6.5” (# 4838188)

Weight:  46.0 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JK Wrangler
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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May 30th 2015
Don Fenton
Great combo. Running 35" Toyos and my spare is super secure. Easy install. Will need a way to press wheel studs into mounting plate through oversize carrier piece. Solid solid products.
July 25th 2015
Very well made, no rattles at all. The tire is very close to the door witch is great when coming off ledges. It's a bit stiff when I first put it on, but is now not as much.
November 20th 2015
I've owned a few different carriers on my Jeep now and this one is hands down my favorite. It's well built, solid as can be, and have zero shaking or noises even holding my 37. Im a fan of having the carrier seperate from bumper so I can run any bumper I want in the future. Last but not least, it's a very simple install
November 20th 2015
I love my Teraflex tire carrier!!!!! It seriously saved the gate on my 2008 JK! My tire's are 35's so my spare is of course the same. Well that size of tire was starting to pop the welds in the gate of my jeep, so I needed to do something, and FAST! The minute I put the Teraflex tire carrier and hinge set up on, no more shaking or rattling at all!! Money well spent!!! Thank you Teraflex!!
November 21st 2015
Rob P
I've had this hinge and the TF carrier on my JK for 12 months carrying a 35" tire on a 17" wheel, with no issues and no rattles. The installation was simple, I followed a video from TF and another I found on YouTube and it couldn't have been easier. Highly recommended.
November 21st 2015
Rob P
I've had this hinge and the TF carrier on my JK for 12 months carrying a 35" tire on a 17" wheel, with no issues and no rattles. The installation was simple, I followed a video from TF and another I found on YouTube and it couldn't have been easier. Highly recommended.
November 21st 2015
David Longwell
This the best tire carrier on the market and solid. I carry a 37" tire on it and I can't tell any different when I open the tailgate.
November 23rd 2015
Trucks 2 Bikes PLUS
Excelant fit and finish, works great for my 35s on our company Jeep
November 23rd 2015
Jeromey balkey
I love my teraflex carrier combo...saved my jeeps tailgate....awesome product
December 11th 2015
Dave Cunningham
I've had this product for 12+ months now, and it is one of the best things I've done to my Jeep. Rock solid. Absolutely no rattles or bouncing. Just take your time and follow the instructions for a perfect fit.
February 21st 2016
Erin Williams
Just installed and other than muscle to break bolts, I was able to do this install without help. Very solid, very well built, and easy install what more could you ask for? Immediately noticed the difference from stock and much prefer this set up over a separate carrier. Thanks TeraFlex for keeping the standards high!
March 11th 2016
Mark Heller
Just got it - went on easy, fits like a glove. Like it grew there on its own. Got the carrier accessory as well, but now noting a few other tapped holes.... Is there more stuff coming? Told the wife it carries more weight... She wants a bike rack on it... Give a girl a cupcake, she's gonna want sprinkles. Could it take a bike rack?
June 3rd 2016
Aaron Pyle
What can I say, yet another high quality product that Teraflex offers. If you want the best then I suggest going with this tire carrier. Very sturdy, easy to install, and allows the ability to mount more items to your Jeep.
January 11th 2017
John michaelis
Awesome tire carrier easy to install no creeks or squeaks 👍👍👍teraflex
March 1st 2016
Bob Holland
Superb product. I had my spare 35 on factory bracket with extension and, while functional, the shuttering on the tailgate was teeth clenching much less what was happening to the tailgate itself! I installed this product in well under an hour and what a difference. The tire is up close to the jeep, not a foot away! it is solid, secure and the tailgate even shuts solid now. Great engineering, easily installed, superb quality. A must if you are avoiding tire carrying bumpers! Plus their install videos with Dennis are hilarious, goofy and still yet informative! I did have to relocate my vhf antenna from behind the tire (not the best spot for it anyway) to the passenger side. but go figure, Teraflex has a bracket for that too, which also worked perfect! While there are less expensive solutions out there, they are not comparable to this product.
November 7th 2017
From stock to a bumper mounted tire carrier.... back to stock and broken tailgate and rear glass later, i decided to get the TeraFlex HD tire carrier and couldn't be happier with it
April 28th 2018
Rick Pollock
Love my tire carrier. I was always worried about my 35" spare coming loose or damaging my tailgate. Not anymore, this item is top notch, solid and the quality is excellent.
June 8th 2018
About two years ago, I purchased the Alpha HD Hinge without the HD spare tire carrier because I'm cheap. I used the factory tire carrier, and honestly, it works really well. The adapter that comes with the hinge creates a perfect fit. HOWEVER, I just recently purchased the Alpha HD Spare Tire Mount, and I highly recommend this combination for one major reason. The factory tire carrier set my 33" tire + 18" AEV Salta wheel (+10mm offset) nearly 4" away from the hinge. The Alpha HD snugs my spare right up against the hinge. Now, if you only take your Wrangler to the mall and grocery store, 4" is irrelevant. I live in Utah, and my JKU likes to play in the woods and snow. Physics tells us that a heavy tire 4" away from the rear gate will sway laterally more than that same tire compressed against the gate. Just makes sense from a safely and wear-and-tear standpoint. There is another practical consideration for anyone who not only Jeeps but travels with mountain and road bikes. With the factory spare tire mount, the measured distance from my hitch receiver pin hole to the outer edge of my tire was just under 14", making it impossible to find a hitch style platform bike rack that can fold upward when not in use. With the Alpha HD spare tire carrier, almost any brand of hitch style platform bike rack will work! Don't be cheap! If you are getting the hinge, do yourself a favor and get the entire kit.
October 29th 2018
Richard Deknes
I bought this under 4 months ago and it has cracked where the cinch tabs are welded to the bracket that mounts to the door hinge replacement. It’s got a nasty “popping” noise. Wish I could attach a photo... I’ve got a 37x12.5 mounted on it, so it’s heavy. I deflated the tire slightly during install to help get it snugged up nicely. Not a fan of having to call for warranties, plus having bought it from a local off-road shop, miss placing the receipt puts a damper on things. I do think it’s a great product, just got unlucky.
April 15th 2020
Ken Baucum
What a sweet hinge set-up this is! It should be on the Jeep from the factory. And the tire carrier makes it even better. You have to have this kit on your Jeep even if you haven't put over-sized tires on it!