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JK: Alpha Hi-Lift Jack Mount Bracket Kit

SKU 4838250
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The heavy-duty JK: Alpha Hi-Lift Jack Mount Bracket provides a safe, quiet, and secure mounting point for a Hi-Lift Jack.
The 3/16”-thick laser cut and powder coated bracket bolts to the Alpha HD Hinged Spare Tire Carrier for unshakable stability.

This bracket also incorporates a built-in CB antenna mount as well as an off-road flag mount for those sand dune trips.
The Alpha RotopaX Mount Kit (sold separately – # 4838255) allows you to mount RotopaX containers to either the Hi-Lift Jack Handle or to the Hi-Lift Jack Mount.


• JK Wrangler (2-door)

• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)


• Alpha Hi-Lift Jack Mount

• All necessary hardware

Install Time: 0.5 Hours

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August 4th 2017
Scott Lambert
I've purchased a few Teraflex products in the last year or two. Their products are always great quality, work as designed and come with very clear instructions. This bracket is no exception. Just a simple bracket, but when you look closer at it, it has 3-4 welded gussets for strength and the gauge of the metal is very stout. Powdercoating is flawless and very thick. When you bolt your jack in, it holds it rock solid and within about 1/2" to the bracket all the way around. Open the tailgate and it comes really close to the tail light and body, but will never hit it, as the tire carrier stops at 90* by design. That all takes a lot of engineering to pull off. One great thing is that the bolts that mount the jack are the same size as your wheel lugs, which means you can use a wheel lock to keep your Hi-Lift from being stolen. Teraflex's HD tire carrier that it bolts onto is equally impressive, even after 2 years with a 35" tire, my tailgate swings open smoothly and easily. I can't say the same for friends that have big clunky carriers that have to be opened separately. Just unlatching them is a PITA. I guess the reason I am so impressed is because finding quality anymore is pretty difficult. We're usually forced to buy Walmart garbage made in China that is as cheaply made as possible to satisfy consumers wanting the lowest price. Sooner or later, seems like all companies when they get big start cutting cost and the product quality and the consumer suffers. Keep up the good work Terflex; it's just a bracket, but I'm impressed!!
November 7th 2017
Easy installation, love how sturdy and high quality this mount feels like.It does come with your CB antenna mount as well
November 30th 2017
Jeff Hoagland
Don't buy this thing if you want to open your rear window and close the door. I like to do this while my dog is in the back. However you can't leave the window up and close the door or you will shatter your window because the jack handle is in the way. It holds the jack ok but its pretty stupid if you can't leave the window up. If you accidentally close the rear door while the window is up (like my wife does, all the time) say goodbye to your window. It will shatter when it hits the jack. Not a great design in my opinion. Opt for a different mounting place because kids and wives don't always close the window before slamming the rear door and its an expensive mistake.
April 15th 2020
Ken Baucum
This hi-lift mount is a great addition to my HD hinge and tire carrier. Fit and finish is beautiful and the jack mounts rock-solid. Keep in mind the tail gate must be wide open to lift or close your tail gate window, and you cannot drive or close your gate with the window open if you have your jack in the carrier. This should be obvious, but apparently it isn't to some.