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JK: HD Drag Link Kit & HD Tie Rod Kit

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The TeraFlex JK: HD Drag Link Kit & HD Tie Rod Kit withstands extreme conditions and abuse that typically causes factory steering components to bend and fail on lifted JK Wrangler/Unlimited models.


• JK Wrangler (2-door)

• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)

• Dana 30 front axle

• Dana 44 front axle

• 0-3” Lift


• HD Drag Link Kit (# 1853920)

• HD Tie Rod (# 1853910)

• Steering Stabilizer Relocation Mount Bracket Kit – HD Tie Rod (# 1123160)

Features & Benefits:

• Bolts directly to new High Steer Knuckle (not included)

• 50% stiffer than factory drag link to help eliminate front end shimmy and other alignment issues

• 1.25” O.D. fully forged drag link eliminates excess movement during hard steering maneuvers

• Utilizes oversized DOM factory-style adjusting collar and pinch clamp for simple adjustments

• Adjustable joint preload tension to ensures proper long-term durability

• Joint is pressed into rod end housing and secured w/ snap ring

• Provides clearance for factory 17” wheels

• HD 1-5/8” O.D. (42mm) 4140 heat treated chromoly steel

• More than 200% stronger than factory tie rod

• Forged tie rod housing designed specifically for JK/JKU Wrangler

• Tie rod end joint incorporates same features found in TeraFlex ball joints, including 4140 chromoly ball/stud and 1045 carbon steel housing

• Features adjustable rod end preload tension to ensure long-term durability

• Tie rod end joint rotation is limited to 14 degrees of movement to minimize tie rod roll

• Steering Stabilizer Relocation Mount Bracket Kit – HD Tie Rod (# 1123160)

Steering Stabilizer Relocation Mount Bracket Kit – HD Tie Rod (# 1123160)

• Fits heavy-duty 1-5/8” or 42mm tie rod
• 6061-T6 aluminum clamp and forged 10.9 grade stud

• Moves steering stabilizer up nearly 2.5” to help reduce damage to the stabilizer shaft or body

• Repositions stabilizer to reduce “tie rod roll” associated w/ stabilizer misalignment


• Requires aftermarket wheels w/ 4.75” backspacing or less – or Offset Wheel Adapters (# 1055000) for stock wheels – NOT INCLUDED.

Install Time: 1.5 Hours

Weight:  50.9 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JK Wrangler
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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September 11th 2020
Keith McGee
Completely disappointed in Teraflex's customer service and willingness to resolve my problem. I purchased the parts through Extreme Terrain online. Purchased the HD Tie Rod and Drag Link Kit in July. Parts came fairly quickly but the end of the box was open and parts missing. Seems Tereflex does not package its items well enough to avoid shifting in the box and blowing out the ends. You can see numerous posts of this type on the Extreme Terrain website. Called Extreme Terrain and they worked quickly for me to return the parts and send me new ones. Good customer service by Extreme Terrain. Receive the new box, and still missing parts, the 4 nuts that go to the ends of the tie rod and drag link. Had to use the ones I already had which was not optimal. Could have purchased new ones but the photo on this site and the description show the parts should have come with the order. Installed the parts and took it for front end alignment. Mechanic was able to align the wheels but was not able to align the steering wheel to center because the Drag Link was too long. Both ends were all the way in the sleeve and touching making it unable to adjust any further. Steering wheel not sitting at center now. Called Tereflex customer service because it is their product and thought I may have done something wrong while still at the shop getting it aligned. Went through the standard questions like type of Jeep, parts, etc. The Tereflex parts were made for a non-lifted Jeep with an OEM Pitman Arm which fits the description of my Jeep. I tried to explain that if the parts were made for my setup then they should fit and I should be able to get the steering wheel aligned. Now comes the BS. Tereflex customer service told me that all vehicles are made differently off the assembly line and some are different from others. He said the Tereflex parts are meant to fit the average Jeep. Well if so, why is it too long for my vehicle? His answer is like asking a chemist a question and they treat you like an idiot in their response. This is not the first time I worked on a vehicle and I wasn't born last night. I asked how to resolve this issue and Tereflex customer service told me to grind down both ends of the drag link to shorten the it to get them closer in the sleeve to align the steering wheel. So it is the recommendation from a company who advertises its parts fit a particular year and model Jeep is to modify the parts on my own? Take the time to remove the parts and have them grinded down? Ok, well I explained that I just paid over $850 for the items and should not have make any modifications because it is advertised to fit my vehicle. So now I either have to purchase a grinder and attempt to modify the parts myself or take them to someone who does that sort of thing and pay over $100+ for labor. Plus, if I/we mess up the modification, it is on me. Those are great options Tereflex, screw the customer. Frustration cannot describe my state of mind during this call. Tereflex's only option was to fix it myself. They didnt offer to replace my parts, find another solution, offer any other assistance, have me send them photos, do a video call to make sure its on correctly, or even tell me they were sorry for the problem. Just one of those, "I hear you, thanks for your interest in Tereflex, now GFY." I went to Tereflex because of its reputation for having quality parts and they are once you receive them and compare to the OEM parts. But it ends there. It appears the company could care less to help and resolve a customer's problem, especially when it is not the customer's negligence. I was planning to purchase more products from Tereflex but not now. Why would I want to purchase parts from a company that clearly does not stand behind its product and take care of the customer, especially for an item that cost me over $850. Maybe that is not much for many but it is for me. Absolutely terrible. Cant believe Im even writing this review.