JK/JKU Rzeppa High-Angle Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit

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The TeraFlex JK/JKU Rzeppa High-Angle Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit replaces worn or damaged factory Rzeppa CV joint and driveshaft without resorting to an expensive aftermarket U-joint upgrade. The high-angle CV housing reduces boot failure common with 3” or more lift heights.

The included low-friction grease is engineered specifically for the high RPM needs of the JK/JKU Rzeppa CV joint and features high-viscosity surface bonding characteristics necessary to properly adhere the grease to all moving surfaces.


• JK Wrangler (2-door)
• JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)


• CV joint assembly
• High-angle CV housing cap and boot
• Bolt flanges
• Socket head bolts
• 6mm Allen wrench
• Low-friction CV grease


• Proper grease packing of the joint is essential for joint longevity.
• Grease must be packed thoroughly & liberally to the entire CV assembly. Be generous & use all grease provided. Improperly packing the bearings w/out sufficient grease will result in bearing failure. For complete step-by-step procedure please watch the instructional video linked below.

Install Time: 1 Hour

Weight:  5.0 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JK Wrangler
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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August 27th 2015
Ken maliga
I dont believe it took this long for a high angle Rzzepa joint to be made. Major props to TF for offering this to JK owners. The OEM rzzepa joint from my understanding is very strong. A lifted JK + added articulation almost guarantees failure. This new joint should help prolong its life. Install was messy but fairly easy. Dennis did a great job in the video. Thank you TERAFLEX. Ken (Kjeeper)
December 3rd 2015
David Lund
I bought this a month or so ago and since then used it a few times with some pretty hard wheeling both rock and snow. This is a great product that saved me from buying a more expensive driveline. It has withstood the challenge so far and the installation video makes it super easy to install. It took me only an hour and half and I was not using power tools.
January 21st 2017
After enduring the incessant clicking of the factory joint after my lift for 2 years, I purchased and installed the TF Rzeppa replacement kit last fall. Install was indeed messy but fairly quick and easy with the right tools and help. Invest in some band crimpers to keep the new joint sealed and free from debris. After three months of snow, mud and trails, the new high angle joint is smooth and quiet which is now somewhat out of place with the rest of the ride. Great product TF.