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JK 4dr: 2.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit & 9550 VSS Twin-Tube

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Engineered with drivability in mind, the ultra-simple TeraFlex JK 4dr: 2.5” Coil Spring Lift Kit comes with the basic components required to fit larger tires for increased ground clearance and better off-road capability without compromising on-road handling.

Every TeraFlex suspension system is engineered with drivability and performance in mind.

Properly developed suspension geometry, roll center, and load tuning ensures that all factory stability controls remain functional and within the parameters that Jeep originally engineered into the vehicle.

Not only do TeraFlex kits drive straight, but they will crawl over anything to get you there and back!

We recommend Falcon Performance Shocks or TeraFlex 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shocks.

These are the only shock absorbers engineered to work with TeraFlex lift coil springs to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability.

2.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kits are offered with TeraFlex 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shocks, with shock extensions, or without shock absorbers or extensions.

Falcon Performance Shocks are available separately.


• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-Door)

• Lift Height: 2.5”

• Max Tire Diameter: 35”


• 2.5” Lift Coil Springs (JKU Front: # 1853102 & JKU Rear: # 1854102)

• Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit (2.5” Lift) (# 1954776)

• 2.75"" Front Upper Bump Stop Extension Kit (# 1953800)

• 2.75” Rear Lower Bump Stop Strike Pad Kit (# 1954700)

• 10.75” Rear Sway Bar Link Kit (2.5” Lift) (# 1744500)

• Rear Lower Coil Spring Retainer (# 4954300)

• Rear Brake Line Relocation Kit (# 4304400)

• All necessary hardware

• And more

• 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shock Kit (2.5” Lift) (# 1545100)


• Caster correction recommended, but NOT required – NOT INCLUDED.

• Requires aftermarket wheels w/ 4.75” backspacing or less – or Offset Wheel Adapters (# 1055000) for stock wheels – NOT INCLUDED.

• 2012-2018 JK Wrangler/Unlimited models require Exhaust Spacers (# 2610000) or other exhaust modification for proper driveshaft clearance if front extended shock length is greater than 24.5”.

• REQUIRES longer shocks or Shock Extensions (Front Upper: # 1553800 & Rear Upper: # 1554800) (NOT INCLUDED in base kit) – we recommend Falcon Performance Shocks or TeraFlex 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shocks.

Proper suspension geometry ensures all stability controls function w/in factory parameters. The following components are recommended to optimize caster and pinion angles and restore factory steering and suspension geometry: 4-Arm Sport Control Arm Kit (# 1254000), or 8-Arm Sport Control Arm Kit (# 1258000), or adjustable 8-Arm Alpine (IR) Short Control Arm Kit (Alpine: # 1415610 & Alpine IR: # 1415611), or adjustable 8-Arm Alpine (IR) Long Control Arm & Bracket Kit (Alpine: # 1315010 & Alpine IR: # 1315011), and/or HD Forged Adjustable Front Track Bar (# 1753418), and/or HD Forged Adjustable Rear Track Bar (# 1754418).

Install Time: 4 Hours


2.5” Performance Spacer Lift Kit

• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1255200)

• w/ Shock Extensions (# 1355210)

• No Shocks or Exts (# 1355200)

JK 2-Door:

2.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit

• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1251002)

• w/ Shock Extensions (# 1352002)

• No Shocks or Exts (# 1351002)

JK 4-Door:

2.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit

• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1251000)

• w/ Shock Extensions (# 1352000)

• No Shocks or Exts (# 1351000)

Weight:  82.0 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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November 22nd 2015
Grant Passalacqua
I installed the the 2.5" suspension lift. The ride is very smooth and glides over the bumps on the road. When I'm offroading, I'm also very happy with the handling and performance it provides me.
April 26th 2016
Eric Fruge
2016/JKU Rubicon I installed this lift myself. I did not have a vehicle lift so had to do it the old school way (Jack and Jack Stands) Took me right at 5 hrs. Hardest part was getting the front springs in, but a little brute force is all it took. I am very happy with this lift and the quality of the components. The ride is very comparable to stock. I would absolutely recommend this lift to anyone. Thank you TeraFlex! I did take about a week and watched every YouTube install video I could find... when it came time for the install, I knew exactly what to do.... I highly recommend you watching videos (worked well for me). The main reason I went with this lift is because I installed a Warn M8000 winch. The winch lowered the front end of my jeep just enough to bother me. I did my research and decided to go with TeraFlex based off of the excellent reviews not only of this lift but of the TeraFlex support. I did call TeraFlex just to confirm that this lift would be the best option for "me" and the support staff said that this lift since it gets its lift from the springs was the perfect fit for what I was trying to achieve....
November 16th 2016
Mario Flores
A great upgrade from any stock suspension. The lift provides great clearance for my 35's and handles great for off roading . Very smooth ride . Would differently purchase this again.
August 12th 2017
Robert barton
Hi I had purchased a 2.5 teraflex coil lift for my 2015 jku Rubicon and I hate it I am having pulling to the rigth after install not fun to drive so I did an alignment three times same thing talked to a off road shop they said when you lift a truck you have to install a track bar so I bought a teraflex monster track bar still same issue pulling to the right I emailed teraflex no help but were sorry your having issues not happy now I Gota spend more money on adjustble lower controll arms thanks to 2.5 teraflex coil lift witch is a total LIE about you don't need any thing else but this kit bill crap people I would go with a different lift guys don't get sucked in like I did
September 26th 2017
Phillip Moore
Got this kit took longer then I thought to get in but I don't have the best tools in the world what impressed me more the anything was the tech help I called and had a real person in under a minute who know what he was talking about this kind of customer service is unheard of