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JK 4dr: 3” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit – No Shocks

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The TeraFlex JK 4dr: 3” Coil Spring Base Kit includes just the basic lift components only and doesn’t have the drivability of a full suspension system.
REQUIRES longer preset or adjustable control arms and adjustable front track bar to correct suspension geometry.

Does NOT include shocks.
We recommend Falcon Performance Shocks or TeraFlex 9550 VSS Shocks.
These are the only shock absorbers engineered to work with TeraFlex lift coil springs to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability.

Coil Spring Base Lift Kits are offered with TeraFlex 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shocks or without shock absorbers.

Falcon Performance Shocks are available separately.


• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-Door)

• Lift Height: 3”

• Max Tire Diameter: 35”


• 3” Lift Coil Springs (JK4 Front: # 1853202; JK4 Rear: # 1854202)

• Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit (2.5” Lift) (# 1954776)

• 2.75"" Front Upper Bump Stop Extension Kit (# 1953800)

• 2.75” Rear Lower Bump Stop Strike Pad Kit (# 1954700)

• 10” Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit (3-4” Lift) (# 1753000)

• 12.25” Rear Sway Bar Link Kit (3-4” Lift) (# 1754500)

• Rear Upper Coil Spring Retainer (# 4951400)

• Rear Lower Coil Spring Retainer (# 4954300)
• Front Brake Line Anchor Kit (# 1101255)

• Rear Brake Line Relocation Kit (# 4304400)

• Exhaust Spacer Kit (# 2610000)

• All necessary hardware

• And more


• Caster correction required – NOT INCLUDED.

• Requires aftermarket wheels w/ 4.75” backspacing or less – or Offset Wheel Adapters (# 1055000) for stock wheels – NOT INCLUDED.

• Driveshaft modifications may be necessary w/ this suspension system. See the TeraFlex Rzeppa High Angle CV Kit (# 1744014).

• 2007-2011 JK Wrangler/Unlimited models will require Extended Length Front Brake Lines (# 4353300).

• REQUIRES longer shocks (NOT INCLUDED in base kit) – we recommend Falcon Performance SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks or TeraFlex 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shock Kit (# 1545200).

Proper suspension geometry ensures all stability controls function w/in factory parameters. The following components are recommended to optimize caster and pinion angles and restore factory steering and suspension geometry: 4-Arm Sport Control Arm Kit (# 1254000), or 8-Arm Sport Control Arm Kit (# 1258000), or adjustable 8-Arm Alpine (IR) Short Control Arm Kit (Alpine: # 1415610 & Alpine IR: # 1415611), or adjustable 8-Arm Alpine (IR) Long Control Arm & Bracket Kit (Alpine: # 1315010 & Alpine IR: # 1315011), and/or HD Forged Adjustable Front Track Bar (# 1753418), and/or HD Forged Adjustable Rear Track Bar (# 1754418).

Install Time: 5 Hours


JK 2-Door:

3” Suspension System w/ 4 Sport Control Arms

• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1256223)

• No Shocks (# 1156223)

3” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit
• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1251202)

• No Shocks (# 1151202)

JK 4-Door:

3” Suspension System w/ 4 Sport Control Arms

• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1256224)

• No Shocks (# 1156224)

3” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit

• w/ 9550 VSS (# 1251200)

• No Shocks (# 1151200)

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June 3rd 2016
Aaron Pyle
After doing research, still wanting to fit my Jeep in the garage, watching countless late night Teraflex videos, and the wonderful support from Alie on answering all my questions and going above and beyond for me, this is the kit I decided to go with. Love the height of the Jeep, tall enough to give plenty of clearance for my 35's I went with plus doing the flat fender flares but still letting me get into my garage. The ride is great on this kit, still haven't been able to go off road due to braking in the gears but if it anything like all of Teraflex's other products, I know I will not be disappointed with my choice and if you want the best, go with the best.