JL 2-Door: 2.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit

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The ultra-simple TeraFlex JL 2-Door: 2.5” Coil Spring Base Lift Kit comes with the basic parts needed to fit larger tires for increased ground clearance for better off-road capability without compromising on road handling.

Every TeraFlex suspension system is engineered with drivability and performance in mind. Properly developed suspension geometry, roll center, and load tuning ensures that all factory stability controls remain functional and within the parameters that Jeep originally engineered into the vehicle.

Not only do TeraFlex kits drive straight, but they will crawl over anything to get you there and back!

• JL Wrangler (2-door)

• Lift Height: 2.5”

Max Tire Diameter:
• Sport | Sahara (w/ 3” front & 2.5” rear bump stops): 35”
• Rubicon (w/ 2” front & 2” rear bump stops): 35”
• Rubicon (w/ 2.5” front & 3” rear bump stops): 37”

• 2.5” lift coil springs
• 2” front & rear bump stop strike pad kit (# 1959500)
• 0.5” front & rear bump stop strike pad shim kit (# 1959300)
• Longer front sway bar links (11.5”) - pair
• Longer rear sway bar links (10.75”) - pair (# 744500)
• All necessary hardware

• Sport & Sahara models require aftermarket wheels w/ 4.5” backspacing or less – or Offset Wheel Adapters for stock wheels – NOT included.
• May require HD Adjustable Rear Track Bar Bracket (# 1953600) to prevent contact between drive shaft & gas tank.
• Models with plastic bumpers require removal of bumper-to-fender wind deflector/splash guards in order to fit 35” or larger tires.
• Sport/Sahara models require the INCLUDED 0.5” front & 0.5” rear bump stop strike pad shims in order to fit 35” tires.
• Rubicon models require the INCLUDED 0.5” front & 0.5” rear bump stop strike pad shims in order to fit 37” tires.
• JL/JLU Sport Front Lower Flexarms (# 1253000) recommended to optimize caster and pinion angles.

Install Time: 4 Hours

Vehicle Type:
JL Wrangler

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September 25th 2019
Michael Brannen
These shocks are great! Put the new shocks on my 2018 Rubicon a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying the new ride TREMENDOUSLY! OEM shocks were OK, but I felt like I was always riding my bump stops. Dampening was just too soft. I’m not an aggressive driver, but put a couple of adults in the back seat or pack some moderately heavy stuff in the back cargo area and I couldn’t even crawl over a speed bump in my neighborhood without feeling my rear bump stops hitting my frame. And off road, the soft damping rate meant that even slow-rolling over small-to-medium size rocks or ruts would make the jeep feel like a pogo stick. ENTER FALCON 3.3 SP2…. I’ve got a two door Jeep, so the original damping on the original Falcon 3.3 is a little too stiff for my blood. But not the SP2. The ‘soft/cold’ setting is awesome! Just soft enough not to rattle my kidneys when hitting bumps or potholes on the street, but still stiffer than the OEM shocks so they soak up the bumps off-road and ‘settle’ very quickly so I don’t get whiplash or feel like I’m riding a pogo stick. Add that to the extra travel I’m getting with the 2.5-inch Teraflex Spring lift I paired them with, and I never/never hit my bump stops any more – even with grown adults in the back seat. Quick adjust settings on the 3.3’s allow me to dial in a comfy but adequately stiff ride on road and quickly change if for off road. And when I leave the pavement, it doesn’t matter whether I’m slow crawling over rocks or bombing down a rutted trail - I never go pogo; I never hit my bump stops; and I never lose traction. One final thing: BIG shout out to Doug and Paula! Absolutely world-class customer service!