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JLU 4-Door: Falcon SP2 2.1 Monotube Shocks - All 4

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Falcon SP2 2.1 Monotube Shocks

Falcon SP2 2.1 Monotube Shocks deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven Jeeps in a compact and affordable package. The new Mode Adjust feature tunes compression and rebound for Soft or Performance settings. SP2 2.1 Shocks have been optimized for on- and off-road driving.

Volume Optimized Damping

Falcon’s proprietary Volume Optimized Damping (VOD) features a digressive linear valve to improve vehicle feedback, stability, and control during low-speed, high-speed, and off-road driving. As the piston compresses and rebounds, the valve restricts oil flow creating a damping effect.

VOD’s quicker ramp up increases damping volume during low-speed driving as well as reduces shock bottoming at full compression during faster speeds or over uneven terrain.

Traditional velocity sensitive shock absorbers react quickly during low-speed driving causing excessive “head toss” on rough terrain – or even driveways. Conventional damping then firms up during faster shaft speeds resulting in a jarring ride.

With Volume Optimized Damping, stability and control are maintained throughout all driving conditions.

Falcon History

Historically, universal shock absorbers and steering stabilizers have been adapted to fit many applications with minimal tuning. Falcon Performance Shocks rewrites the book on damper development. These new shock absorbers and steering stabilizers are engineered to meet the unique requirements of the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited.

These Jeep-specific shock absorbers deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven vehicles as well as race-inspired performance, handling, and stability for off-road rigs.

Built from the ground up with a focus on fitment and function, Falcon’s corner-specific Series 3 Piggyback and Series 2 Monotube shock absorbers and Wrangler-specific Nexus EF 2 steering stabilizers deliver the best damping characteristics possible. After a lengthy and painstaking development process, we have delivered these advanced dampers to the awaiting Jeep market.


• JLU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)


• SP2 2.1 Monotube Shocks - all 4
• Rear roost guards - pair
• All necessary hardware

Features & Benefits:

Series 2.1 Monotube Shocks:

• Series 2.1 shocks deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven Jeeps in a compact and affordable package
• Fixed-rate damping optimized for on- and off-road driving

JL/JLU Falcon Shocks:

• JL/JLU corner-specific shock absorber
• Front lower offset eyelet design provides maximum shock body to frame clearance during articulation
• Rear roost guards prevent shock shaft damage from rocks kicked up by the tires
• Ideal for daily driven Jeeps as well as the serious enthusiast wanting a consistent firm feel through all driving conditions

SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks:

• SP2 Mode Adjust shocks add Soft and Performance modes
• Tunes both compression and rebound – provides noticeable benefits in ride quality and handling
• Twist counterclockwise for Soft and clockwise for Performance
• Adjustment is only possible w/ shock fully extended
• During normal driving, the Soft mode allows a partial bypass of the main piston for less restriction and a softer ride.
• During aggressive driving, the Soft mode retains performance tuning for optimal handling
• Soft is recommended for rough roads/trails, embedded rocks, expansion joints, and/or winter temperatures
• Performance setting recommended for maximum highway and/or off-road handling, stability, and control w/ minimal head toss
• Fast Adjust Knob and Micro Position Knob (3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Shock) operation unaffected

Falcon Shocks (All):

• Vehicle-specific shock absorbers
• Race-inspired performance for increased vehicle stability
• Improved dynamic roll control and low-speed damping
• Dramatic improvement in on-road comfort and off-road performance
• Optimized fitment for clearance during full suspension travel and articulation
• 2.25” shock body provides optimal performance
• 6061-T6 aluminum alloy shock body resists wear and protects internal components while providing superior heat dissipation
• Smooth honed internal shock body surface for long-term performance
• 3/4” induction hardened chrome plated shaft resists rock damage and corrosion as well as prevents shaft buckling
• Maximum shaft diameter allows for more precise tuning
• Hard anodized billet piston
• 1-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band w/ O-ring
• Digressive linear piston and base valve technology
• Volume Optimized Damping (VOD) for quicker ramp up and increased damping volume
• Inline OGS (Oil/Gas Separator) prevents cavitation
• Red Line full synthetic shock oil w/ high viscosity index of 519 for consistent performance across all temperatures and reduced shock fade
• Synthetic formula also contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents for excellent thermal stability
• 1,000-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test on all hardware
• Serviceable and rebuildable (factory serviced)
• Designed, engineered, and assembled in-house from domestic and globally sourced components
• Patent pending design
• 3-year warranty


• Bump stop configuration varies depending on shock absorber collapsed length, tire size, and fenders – See instructions for proper configuration for your application.
• May require 2” Bump Stop Strike Pad Extension Kit (# 1959500) and/or 0.5” Bump Stop Strike Pad Shim Kit(s) (# 1959300).

Install Time: 1.5 Hours


JL 2-Door:

0-1.5” Lift - All 4 (# 10-02-21-400-000)
2-3.5” Lift - All 4 (# 10-02-21-400-200)

JLU 4-Door

0-1.5” Lift - All 4 (# 11-02-21-400-000)
2-3.5” Lift - All 4 (# 11-02-21-400-200)

Vehicle Type:
JLU Wrangler Unlimited

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December 12th 2019
Shawn A
What a difference! I added the track bar first then a month later added the SP2s. It drives like a completely different vehicle. Not more nose dive braking, body roll around corners It finally feels like a solid handling vehicle. Off road, the shocks are a game changer. No more boat like rock and roll. The shocks are a must have!!!
February 16th 2020
After 300 miles with the SP2’s I’m still having a hard time getting my mind around the difference that these shocks have made. Before having the SP2’s installed I had the following done to correct issues with the stock JL: Track Bar, Tie Rod, Drag Link and Grabber ATx 265/70 R18’s which are E Load Rated and about 17.5 lb heavier than the tires that were on the JL. No lift, yet. Each of those corrected the issues so much so that I started to really like driving my JL except that after installing the tires I was getting bump steer at hi way speeds at times. The shop that did the work recommended an adjustable shock in the Falcon series. I chose the SP2 2.1. But still I had some apprehension about going to a digressive shock, as it turns out the apprehension was unfounded. Results set in soft/cold: -Bump steer eliminated -WAY BETTER road feel or connectivity to the road regardless of road conditions -No more over steer especially going into and through tight turns -Better response to steering input, predictable Here’s the result that I wasn’t expecting and and is still somewhat disconcerting: Wind buffeting SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED. I was driving a round trip of about 100 miles in very strong cross winds at speeds of 75+ mph. I could hear the cross wind, I could see very large flags flapping strait out with hardly any buffeting and one hand on the wheel and I kept thinking “this can’t be!” The JL still rides like a solid axle truck but it’s not a punishing ride any more and it gives me the stability and control that is more than I hoped for and the type that I like; sportier, if that can be said of a Wrangler.