JL 4dr: Alpine RT Coilover Suspension System

The Alpine RT Coilover Suspension System is tailor-made for the JL Wrangler, accommodating every powertrain option. This system integrates bolt-on coilover brackets and JL specific Falcon coilovers, ensuring a high-performance, noise-free ride.
Alpine RT Suspension Systems are for the Jeeper who wants it all!
The Alpine RT Coilover Suspension System is designed specifically for the JL Rubicon Wrangler, as well as for each of the Rubicon's powertrain options. For every Rubicon Wrangler powertrain, a corresponding TeraFlex Suspension System has been meticulously crafted to accommodate the subtle differences among the available motor choices within the Rubicon Wrangler lineup.

Our Falcon Shock equipped coilover suspension systems cater to JL Rubicon factory width axles, as well as the Tera60 or other axles featuring a 3.25” axle tube diameter. These Falcon Coil Over Shocks have been developed to meet the distinct demands of the JL Wrangler. While performance is always a priority, who wants to endure the annoyance of a squeaking, popping, or creaking suspension on a brand-new Jeep?

This system has been engineered to address the common shortcomings of coilover shocks prevalent in today's noisy and generically tuned coilover market. These noises are so common in traditional coilover shocks that they've been given names! These include "Spring Twang", which occurs when springs are compressed and suddenly shift on the coil divider/sliders; "Zipping", which refers to the slider noisily moving up and down a threaded shock body; and "Slider Slap", which happens when the slider hits the crossover rings and the heavier spring engages. Additionally, there's the constant "clicking and clacking" of an internal bypass shock, and the ever-familiar shock mount bushing "Squeak". Clearly, not the kind of symphony you want to hear.

Falcon coilover shocks, in contrast, are meticulously designed for utterly silent operation. Sealed Gimble Bearing shock mounts ensure solid and noiseless control when combined with the TeraFlex coilover mount solution. This unique mount design allows for full suspension cycling without any component contact.

The sleek, hard-anodized shock body, featured on all Falcon Shocks, serves as the perfect bearing surface for the new sealed and lubricated spring sliders. These sliders also boast roller-bearing spring seats, guaranteeing noiseless spring movement during compression and extension, even during spring twisting.
• Race-inspired performance for increased vehicle stability • Improved dynamic roll control and low-speed damping • Dramatic improvement in on-road comfort and off-road performance • Optimized fitment for unobstructed suspension travel and articulation • 13” stroke, Front and Rear • Adjustable crossover for True Dual-Rate • 4.5” lift, +/- 1.25” adjustability using quick adjust snap rings • Coated, Booted and Sealed, oversized Gimbal Lock Bearings mount and maintain shock orientation • JL specific springs, and shock tuning • Falcon 3.3 series Quick Adjust tuning • Designed for standard 3.0” springs • Refreshed Speed Bumps silently provide 4X the bottoming resistance • RT4 Long Arm Suspension for control, Flex, and stability • Bolt on ¼” laser cut reinforced Coil Over brackets
Axle Selection: Front JL Rubicon Axle / Rear JL Rubicon Axle • SKU: 1357001 - 3.0L Diesel • SKU: 1357002 - 2.0L e-Torque • SKU: 1357003 - 3.6L e-Torque • SKU: 1357004 - 392/2.0L/3.6L • SKU: 1357005 - 4XE Axle Selection: Front JL Rubicon Axle / Rear HD 3.25" Diameter Axle • SKU: 1357011 - 3.0L Diesel • SKU: 1357012 - 2.0L e-Torque • SKU: 1357013 - 3.6L e-Torque • SKU: 1357014 - 392/2.0L/3.6L • SKU: 1357015 - 4XE Axle Selection: Front HD 3.25" Diameter Axle / Rear HD 3.25" Diameter Axle • SKU: 1357021 - 3.0L Diesel • SKU: 1357022 - 2.0L e-Torque • SKU: 1357023 - 3.6L e-Torque • SKU: 1357024 - 392/2.0L/3.6L • SKU: 1357025 - 4XE • Not compatible with 2-door models • Before installing - you must verify rear brake caliper compatibility. See page 2 of "999451 JL Coilover Bracket Kit" instructions for more information.
• REQUIRES wheels w/ 4.75” backspacing or less – or 1.75” Wheel Offset Adapter Pair (# 1057000 x 2) for stock wheels – NOT INCLUDED. • Requires Front driveline “double cardon” upgrade due to increased travel • Models with plastic bumpers REQUIRE removal of bumper-to-fender wind deflector/splash guards • REQUIRES cutting/removal of factory control arm bracketry and spring buckets to install • Alignment REQUIRED • Some light inner fender liner trimming required • Before installing - you must verify rear brake caliper compatibility. See page 2 of "999451 JL Coilover Bracket Kit" instructions for more information.