TeraFlex is honored and proud to sponsor Ryan Wachendorfer, a professional snowboarder who took 2nd place this past weekend at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Wachendorfer travels the world competing in events such as World Cups, Grand Prixs, the US Open, Dew Tour, and X Games. This past June he purchased a 2013 JK Wrangler Rubicon, which developed his love for off-roading in his Jeep and TeraFlex.

Wanting to get to know this fun-hearted and talented outdoor enthusiast better, we asked him a few questions. The following is our fun and short interview:

How did you come to invest in Jeeping, when did it start, and how does your sport relate?

“Ever since I was really young, I've been super active and loved being outside. Whether it was biking, hiking, snowboarding, or skateboarding, being outside was where I was most happy. I was born in Denver in 1996 and at the time my dad owned a big jacked-up Ford Bronco. I fell in love with snowboarding when I was about 8 years old and knew it was something I wanted to pursue and take it as far as possible. Jeep became so appealing to me because of the freedom that it brings. Even stock, they are extremely capable and can take you places not many vehicles could. I think my lifestyle and Jeeps go hand in hand in that aspect. The freedom to enjoy the outdoors and explore new places is what I love, and Jeep makes it possible.”

Now that you’ve been a Jeep owner for almost a year, how is your life different from before?

“Having a Jeep last summer really opened up tons of opportunities to explore the amazing place I live. Before owning a Jeep, I could only get as far out as I could bike or hike. Last summer was an awesome time exploring the back roads and trails in Colorado and I got to see some amazing views that wouldn't have been possible without a Jeep. Looking forward to this summer, I'm counting down the days until I can take the top and doors off and go cruise.”

Tell us about taking 2nd place yesterday!

“I was really happy to finish the contest season off on the podium. We got very lucky with the weather in Mammoth, California and it was sunny and 55 [degrees Fahrenheit] all week. I’d been working on a specific run most of the season and though I could do the tricks, putting them together and making them smooth and consistent is a huge task in itself. Once I learned all the tricks I wanted to put into my run; I had to tweak certain things and adjust them so it would work well. I worked on the same run all season and this past week in Mammoth it all came together. I can’t wait to keep fine-tuning it and making it better for the next contest season. I am very happy to end up second but know that I have to keep working hard to get where I want to go!”

What would you say to other winter sports enthusiasts who want to know more about Jeeping?

“Besides being an awesome vehicle in the snow, Jeeping is a lifestyle that's very similar to the love for skiing and snowboarding. The ability to explore and find new places is what keeps skiing and snowboarding so interesting and entertaining. Jeeping is the same. A Jeep gives you the ability to head out and find awesome new places and explore places not otherwise possible.”

What additions have you made to your Jeep so far?

“The 2.5" kit is all I have for now! I've been so happy to work with TeraFlex and can't begin to say how much I appreciate the support from them! My Jeep is a work in progress just like snowboarding and I can’t wait to add to it and make it my own!”

— Edited by Jason Udy