TeraFlex: Leaf Spring Shackles

The 1987–1995 YJ Jeep Wrangler is considered by many an anomaly in the Jeep world. Although the YJ introduced the Wrangler name, it shared many traits with the previous CJ–7 including its wheelbase and leaf spring suspension. However, the YJ featured a wider track with less ground clearance as well as new front and rear track bars and sway bars for better on-road stability. It’s also the only generation with square headlights.

Although most of our attention has been focused on late-model Wranglers (TJ, JK. JL, and now JT Gladiator) with coil spring suspensions, we do offer some leaf spring suspension components for the YJ Jeep Wrangler, Jeep CJ models, and Toyota FJ SUVs. Many of these parts also fit the International Scout 800 and Scout II, Suzuki Samurai, and Chevrolet S-10 and GMC S-15 Sonoma vehicles.

YJ Wrangler

HD Shackle Kit – Front | HD Shackle Kit – Rear Kickback

Replace your flimsy stock shackles with these TeraFlex YJ: HD Shackle Kits. Our Front HD Shackles and Rear HD KickBack Shackles are constructed from 1/4” steel with an attractive zinc plating to resist corrosion. The bolted cross brace increases rigidity and strength and won’t bend and become a safety hazard.

Rear HD KickBack Shackles increase rear leaf spring travel for more off-road capability.

Sold in pairs.

Fits: 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler

YJ Wrangler | 1976–86 CJ

Toyota: FJ80 | FJ70 | FJ60 | FJ45 | FJ40

Revolver Shackle Kits

The unique design of these TeraFlex Revolver Shackles allows them to hinge and rotate thus reducing stress on the leaf springs as they flex and compress. These self-supporting shackles fold against themselves on level ground.

Their bolt-on design allows them to be easily installed with aftermarket suspension systems for even more performance. Properly installed Revolver Shackles maximize articulation and wheel droop.

No other off-road product improves your vehicle’s trail performance with so little investment as the TeraFlex Revolver Shackle!

Sold in pairs. Replacement parts are available HERE.

Revolver Shackle Kits

  • 1987–1995 YJ – Front (2.5" Wide)
  • 1987–1995 YJ – Rear (2.5" Wide)
  • 1976–1986 CJ – Front (2" Wide) Also fits: International Scout 800 & Suzuki Samurai (front or rear) & International Scout II (rear)
  • 1976–1986 CJ – Rear (2.5" Rear)
  • Toyota: FJ60 | FJ70 | FJ80 – Front or Rear (2.5” Wide) Also fits: 4Runner & Pickup (front or rear)
  • Toyota: FJ40 | FJ45 – Front or Rear (2.5" Wide) Also fits: Chevrolet S-10 & GMC S-15 Sonoma (rear)

YJ Wrangler

Leaf Spring Mount Plate Kit – Rear

The TeraFlex YJ: Rear Leaf Spring Mount Plate Kit allows you to attach leaf springs to custom axles. Works with all rear axles including stock Jeep, Dana 44, or Dana 60 axles. Can also be used to rebuild stock axles.

Sold in Pairs.

Fits: 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler

  • YJ: Leaf Spring Mount Plate Kit – Rear

YJ Wrangler

Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kits

TeraFlex Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnects are the industry leader thanks to their ease of use. The Sway Bar Links quickly disconnect and swing up out of the way for unrestricted axle articulation during off-roading. While connected for street use, the link provides immediate reaction during sway bar loading to eliminate excess play. This results in improved lateral control and steering response compared to the stock rubber sway bar link bushings.

The upper sway bar link end has an OEM quality polyurethane shoulder ball and socket for silent operation, long-term durability, and zero maintenance. The lower sway bar link end features a large polyurethane ball that slides over a stainless-steel pin for easy sway bar link removal.

Fits: 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler

YJ Wrangler

HD BellyUp Skid Plate Kit

The low-profile TeraFlex YJ: HD BellyUp Skid Plate Kit increases ground clearance by up to 2-3/8” compared to the factory skid plate — equivalent to adding 4” larger diameter tires. The skid plate is constructed from CNC laser cut 1/4” plate steel with a durable powder coat finish.

Fits: 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler




TJ Wrangler/Unlimited | YJ Wrangler | ZJ Grand Cherokee | XJ Cherokee

Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joint Kits

TeraFlex TJ | LJ | YJ | XJ: Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joints are engineered to handle the increased load caused by oversized tires and offset wheels. Fits select Jeep models with Dana 30 or factory Rubicon Dana 44 front axles.


  • 1997–2006 TJ Wrangler
  • 2004–2006 LJ Wrangler Unlimited
  • 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler
  • 1993–1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee
  • 1984–2001 XJ Cherokee

Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joint Kits:

TJ Wrangler/Unlimited | YJ Wrangler | XJ Cherokee

NP231 Short Shaft Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits

TeraFlex NP231 Short Shaft Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits increase the rear driveshaft length by 4” eliminating the need for a Transfer Case Lowering Kit in most cases. Also includes a larger output bearing and rear housing.

Includes: output housing, transfer case output shaft, output housing seal, output housing bearing, rear output yoke, output yoke flanged nut, all necessary hardware, more.


  • 1997–2006 TJ Wrangler
  • 2004–2006 LJ Wrangler Unlimited
  • 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler
  • 1984–2001 XJ Cherokee

NP231 Short Shaft Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits:

  • TJ | LJ | YJ | XJ: NP231 Short Shaft Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit
  • XJ Cherokee: NP231 Short Shaft Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit w/ Vacuum Disconnect

Replacement Parts

  • Rear Output Yoke
  • Output Housing Seal
  • Output Yoke Flanged Nut

Hand Throttle Cable Kit

The TeraFlex Hand Throttle Cable Kit provides constant idle or speed when off-roading, which is especially useful when the gas, clutch, and brake are needed together. Works with all carburetor and fuel injection engines with a cable-operated throttle. Does NOT fit engines with drive-by-wire throttle systems. Intended for off-road use only and NOT as a “cruise control” device.

  • Hand Throttle Cable Kit




TJ Wrangler/Unlimited | YJ Wrangler | CJ

CB Antenna Mount Kit

Simply install this TJ | LJ | YJ | CJ: CB Antenna Mount Bracket between the taillight and the body. Available for the left or right side. Drilling is optional, but not required.


  • 1997–2006 TJ Wrangler
  • 2004–2006 LJ Wrangler Unlimited
  • 1987–1995 YJ Wrangler
  • 1976–1986 CJ
  • 1955–1975 CJ

CB Antenna Mount Kit

Dana HD Differential Cover Kits

Beef up your axle housings with one of our Dana HD Differential Covers. TeraFlex heavy-duty diff covers withstand trail carnage caused by rocks, debris, and other obstacles. These covers are cast from the same high-strength, 3/8”-thick ductile iron as our HD axle housings.

HD Differential Cover Kits:

Brake Line Anchor Kits

Our universal Brake Line Anchor Kits properly locate your brake line for safe tire clearance during full suspension movement. The secure mounting eliminates unnecessary movement of the flexible brake line and/or ABS/wheel speed sensor.

The stainless-steel anchor can be bent and positioned for specific clearance and/or location. The molded rubber construction safely and securely retains the brake line away from damage, while its recessed channel protects the vehicle speed sensor wire. Simple installation — utilizes the lower shock mount bolt.

Brake Line Anchor Kits:

HD Removable Mud Flap Kit

Our universal HD Removable Mud Flaps are easy to install as well as remove for off-road driving. Simply pull the pin to remove for the trail and put the pin back to reinstall for on-road use. Fits most vehicles.

  • HD Removable Mud Flap Kit




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— Words by Jason Udy