1.5" Performance Spacer Leveling Kit — 33–35” Tires

Even when reality demands that you keep your JT Gladiator family friendly, TeraFlex will satisfy your primal need to go big. Our JT: 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit allows you to run a larger tire with added clearance on the trail, all while maintaining family-friendly versatility.

Additionally, the extra height helps compensate for heavier aftermarket bumpers and winch, a larger spare tire, or weekend gear.

Works with stock length shock absorbers. Does NOT include shocks. We recommend Falcon Performance Shocks. These are the only shock absorbers engineered to work with TeraFlex lift coil spring spacers to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability. The 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit is offered without shock absorbers. Falcon Performance Shocks are available separately.


  • 1” Lift Coil Spring Spacers – Front (# 05-01-109-100) x 2
  • 0.5” Lift Coil Spring Spacers – Front (# 04-01-109-050) x 2
  • 1” Bump Stop Strike Pad Extensions – Front Lower (# 12-01-109-100) x 2
  • All necessary hardware



  • JT Gladiator (pickup)


  • Front Level Height: 1 5”

Max Tire Diameter:

  • Sport/Overland Fenders: 33”
  • Rubicon Fenders: 35”


  • Max Tire Diameter rated w/ stock wheel backspacing.
  • Wheels w/ less backspacing than stock (4.5–5” backspacing) WILL REQUIRE at least 0.5” Rear Lower Bump Stop Strike Pad Extensions (NOT INCLUDED) to avoid tire rubbing on the inner fender liner at full compression when articulated.
  • Models with plastic bumpers REQUIRE removal of bumper-to-fender wind deflector/splash guards fit 35” or larger tires.
  • Works w/ original or stock-length aftermarket shock absorbers (NOT INCLUDED in base kit) – Falcon Performance Shocks


  • 3 Hours (3.5 Hours w/ shocks)


  • 1155300 - 1.5" Performance Spacer Leveling Kit — No Shocks

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