TeraFlex and Falcon Performance Shocks | SEMA 2021

With 2020 in the rearview and the end of 2021 fast approaching, we are excited for our TeraFlex and Falcon Performance Shocks 2021 SEMA reveals! Stay tuned, we have lots to show you this week!

JT: 3.5" Alpine RT3 Long Arm Extended-Travel Suspension System | TeraFlex

It’s that time of year: let’s kick things off with our JT Gladiator Mojave build.

Jeep has really stepped it up the last few years and when the Mojave came out it made quite the splash — as it should. A Gladiator built with the desert in mind.

Out of the box, the Mojave is, of course, set up a little different than the other JT models. With a head start on performance, the suspension improvements we made really bring it to life. Say hello to our new JT Alpine RT Long Arm Suspension System complete with IR (independent rotation) bushings and TeraFlex’s Extended-Travel Accessory System. The components in this comprehensive system correct the shortfalls of the stock Gladiator’s 10 inches of rear axle travel to an insane 16 inches of useable travel.

Long arm suspensions are known for their smooth controlled ride on and off the trail, and the ride improvement the TeraFlex JT Alpine RT Long Arm Suspension System makes to the JT is nothing short of remarkable.

Jeep made the Mojave fast in the desert; TeraFlex and Falcon Performance Shocks make it faster.

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(Available in 3.5” or 4.5” lift heights, JT Long Arm Extended-Travel Suspension Systems are offered in both our Alpine CT (Cross-Trail) Suspension Systems and our Alpine RT (Rogue Trail) Suspension Systems. CT Systems include Alpine Long Control Arms with factory-style bushings while our RT Systems feature Alpine IR Long Control Arms with Independent Rotation Bushings.)

JL | JT: HD Ball Joint Kit | TeraFlex

When TeraFlex developed our heavy-duty, wear-adjustable ball joints for the JK Wrangler/Unlimited, the lifetime warranty and ease of greasing and durability made them a must-have. Oddly enough the JL Wrangler/Unlimited and JT Gladiator have the same factory ball joint issues as the JK did.

They don’t seem to be able to handle the abuse we give them when we throw on a set of gargantuan tires and hundreds of pounds of must-have accessories and equipment. Then we ruthlessly pound our Jeeps down some trail… Hey, it’s what we do. At TeraFlex, replacing those weak link parts with, “built to take a hit” quality is what we do…. Case in point… our New JL | JT: HD Ball Joints.

Sting-Gray 392 | TeraFlex

Not every build has to be some massive machine with extreme trails in mind. Sometimes you just want to throw on some big tires, you know, something that the kids and their friends would be proud of when you take them to school. Of course, being in a J392 with the exhaust opened will definitely help bump their stock up a notch or two when they step smoothly out of the beast of a machine.

The J392’s handling and ride are amazingly stable, even when we live a little and return our passengers to the upright and locked position during takeoff.

This is a fun one to drive and it was accomplished without breaking the bank.

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Sting-Gray JT Rubicon | TeraFlex

The Gladiator has been a real crowd pleaser and the platform lends itself to all kinds of mods. Mods that TeraFlex and its Falcon Shock division have put together with you and your rock and roll lifestyle in mind. Everything from go-fast through the desert stuff to flexing through the rock garden of your choice — or maybe hitting an overland trail.

But who says we must build our Jeeps for just one purpose? Why can’t we keep it interesting and do it all? Case in point… the JT Gladiator Rubicon you see before you today.

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Sarge Green 392 | TeraFlex

We've said before that not every Jeep has to be some massive machine with extreme trails in mind...

Ahh but some Jeeps do. This J392 is a full meal deal build. It's a dream machine that will flat get it done... Let's take a look!

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— Words by Jason Udy