JL / JT: 70" Tera60 HD Front Axle w/ Unit Bearing (0-6" Lift)

3180000 / 3180430 / 3180488 / 3180538
The Tera60 HD Front Axle Assembly w/ Unit Bearings includes Spicer Super 60 bearings, inner axle shafts and outer stub shafts, knuckle assembly, Spicer HD Ball Joints, Delta brakes, HD Steering and sensors. Add your choice of locker, carrier, and ring & pinion gear ratio.
The Tera60 HD Front Axle Assembly w/ Unit Bearings includes Super 60 bearings, inner and outer axle shafts, knuckle assembly, ball joints, Delta brakes, HD Steering and sensors. Add your choice of ring & pinion gear ratio, locker, and carrier. TeraFlex HD Front Axle Housings are perfect for replacing bent, broken, or damaged axles in JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator vehicles including Rubicon models. Can also be used as a direct bolt-on upgrade for Jeep owners looking to beef up the stock axles’ weak areas. Tera60 HD Front Axle Housings are the ultimate upgrade for JL and JT models requiring maximum suspension up travel and compression. Compatible with all Super 60 gear ratios for extreme duty applications requiring additional ring and pinion strength. Our heavy-duty axle housings feature smooth profile surfaces, axle tubes, all necessary mount brackets, control arm bushings, forged inner knuckles, and more!

8 Hours (No R&P) / 6 Hours (Geared) install time install time

• Sealed unit bearing assembly for long-term maintenance-free dependability • 3.25" O.D. x 0.375" wall DOM axle tube for superior strength vs. weight • 70" WMS-WMS and 5x5" wheel bolt pattern • Includes Delta Brake Kit • Eliminates center axle disconnect • Includes HD Chromoly Tie Rod Kit and HD Forged Drag Link Flip Kit • Tera60 specific high-pinion front axle housing design • Includes 1350 series pinion yoke • 35-spline inner and outer axle shafts • Outer pinion bearing pocket features a renewable oil reservoir that sends cool oil to the pinion bearing • Oversized outer pinion bearing handles increased torque and high-load conditions • High-capacity housing holds maximum amount of oil • Asymmetric housing design for extra-long tube side strength • Pre-installed inner axle seals • HD forged inner knuckles w/ greater upper and lower section strength • Ductile cast iron housing w/ increased rib gussets • HD ductile iron differential cover • Smooth radius bottom design to glide over rocks and obstacles • Integrated lower control arm skid plates • High-flow oil passages • Reinforced front track bar mount (ties into spring pad) for greater strength • UV protected triple-stage powder coat for corrosion resistance • 1/4"-thick CNC laser cut axle brackets for extreme strength • Integrating the front upper control arm mounts into the housing increases up travel an additional 2" compared to other aftermarket Dana 60 axles • Pre-installed upper control arm bushings • Pre-tapped hole on spring perch for bump stop extensions • 100% engineered, designed, and built in the USA w/ new components • 1-Year/Unlimited Mileage Warranty
Fits: • JL Wrangler (2-door) • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) • JT Gladiator (pickup) • 0–6” Lift Specs: • WMS-WMS: 70” • Axle Tube: 3.25” x 0.375” • Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x5”
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